Monday, July 21, 2008


Friday after we ate at Champion's downtown, Jean got us invited to see their sweet granddaughter Julia. We were on Joy and John's deck and this was taken just before the wasps swarmed from beneath a deck hair and stung Jean and Sarah. I'm glad Julia didn't get stung! I would have felt just awful especially since I was holding her! Nana (Carol) is waiting her turn to hold Julia.

Saturday in Memphis

Paul and I went to see Amy Saturday, and as she was getting ready for us to go eat, asked, "Where's Oscar?" As snippy as he is with her, she just naturally assumed we would bring him. We weren't spending the night, so he stayed home this time. We ate at On the Border, went to Oak Court Mall, and of course Davis-Kidd Bookstore, and then stopped at Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. I know Paul way overdid his carbs for the entire day, probably weekend, but every once in a while, a treat is in order. He's doing great with his blood sugar self-checks he does. He had his favorite butter pecan and Amy and I had banana split in a cone - one dip for each of us.

Paul's so patient. Bless his heart, he's had to be all these years with the two of us!

See my little Dillard's bag? I didn't buy much at all!

I forget I have a camera with me even if Ieave my little Nikon at home. I made these with my phone and emailed them to us.

Mission Wynne

And it's hot. Today (Monday) the heat index was 107, with real temp at 102. Did I say it didn't seem as if we would have as hot a summer this year? And this is the week that our Mission Wynne is being done. Last week I helped hang door knob signs. I hope by Thursday we can go over in our old neighborhood and help with that block party. I have to help with the annual meeting tomorrow night... I know, I know. I heard the sermon and I agree. It isn't so easy (not that it's supposed to be) when you're 60 and have sinus infection and heat - not sun, but heat - literally blisters you. I did take candy to church for the kids. I hope that did help a little. (Oh, I know it isn't much, but...) I know it's a huge effort on the part of so many, and as Matt said, it's not about the resources or what we can do, but about the heart of the matter and what we allow God to do through us.

This morning my mission was getting to work. My attitude had to be overcome by sheer determination and whining and I had to decide, once there, how to act. I was okay for the most part. Maybe the antibiotic will kick in tomorrow.

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