Sunday, June 01, 2008

Where Were My Marbles?

Yesterday when I left Wal-Mart, I don't know what in the world I was thinking just before I hit somebody from the rear - but I was evidently in LaLa Land. The next thing I knew after I pulled into the turn lane at the red light, I had to slam on the brakes and it wasn't soon enough, not enough room between me and the truck ahead, because I hit the back of that truck with enough force to knock the tag off the front of my truck. Surely I wasn't going over 5 MPH, but if felt like 20. Traffic was moving, then it wasn't and there I was smack into someone's bumper. The lady in the truck got out, looked at the front of mine, asked me if I was okay (I was, though so shocked all I could do was nod my head), said, "Your tag is knocked off," got back in her truck and drove through the now-turned-green signal light. I was still sitting there wondering, well, should I call the police, Paul, the insurance company? Is she going to just pull off to the side of the road out of traffic? But she left! It was my fault, but no one was hurt - her bumper had a hitch on it and it left almost a circle imprint on the Mississippi State tag, but she left and I collected myself and drove home. (I did get out to see about the tag which I thought was lying on the pavement, but it dangling by a tether to the front of the truck, however those things are attached.) I started to cry, then thought, well, no - we're okay, it's only a tag, and the lady didn't stop, didn't get phone number, license number or anything. Paul said not to worry about it - it's only a tag, albeit a Bulldog tag! (I did not suddenly become a raving Razorback fan, though I'm a fan of both Hogs and Dawgs, and have the urge to destroy the MS State tag!) Paul popped the dent out of the plastic bumper on the front of the Explorer and you can't tell there's a bit of damage.
Thank the Lord that no one was hurt and for the kindness of strangers!
Other things that made a good day:

Went to Charisse Armstrong's shower (Preston Huffstuttler's fiance).

Cleaned out my closet - changed summer/winter clothes (Paul helped by getting summer things out of the attic. I got down several jackets this time I don't usualy wear, but in Beck's office, it's like a walk-in freezer most of the time.)

Boxed up several pairs of pants to mail to Sher.

Made spaghetti for supper.

Copied some more backup files (pictures) to disks, and made copies of birthday pictures for Jean, Charlene and Carol.

Cleaned out the refrigerator. I could not believe the number of cups of sugar-free Jell-o in there that had got pushed behind larger things. I can see how "some old people" get really stocked up on some of their favorite things: They just totally forget they have them!

Walked Oscar to school/back. His little tongue was hanging out as mine tends to do at times, so I picked him up and carried him a little way. We short-cutted through Paul and Jennifer's yard.

Pinned darts in a black and white shirt of Mama's. Got Paul to set up the sewing machine - hopefully will get the darts sewn in soon!

Oscar didn't get a bath yesterday; he wasn't too bad since his hair is so short. Maybe today.

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