Friday, June 13, 2008

Pretty Things

It was time for a new car for Amy. Hers had 130,000 miles on it and was going to need major repairs soon, which she could not afford right now. So instead of constantly adding coolant, struggling with a window that wouldn't work right, locks that didn't work, and various other problems, we helped her buy a car. Okay, we bought her a car. She didn't ask. We offered. It was an offer she couldn't refuse! It's a 2008 Grand Prix, same model she had, a little deeper red, and the interior is a darker gray. The new one has remote start, which is wonderful - for security and for rainy/cold/hot days when you just want to get in the car and not have temperature shock. Monday I knew Paul would be on the trail of the car market and he called me saying he'd found three for her to look at. One was a 2007 Camry, another - a 2008 Impala, and the one she liked - the 2008 Grand Prix. All had low mileage, but the Camry had the most and was out of warranty. The GP had 8400. He's the go-to man when it comes to cars! Amy came Wednesday afternoon and it was pretty much love at first sight. She drove the Impala for about a quarter of a mile and knew it wasn't for her. The Camry, she didn't even look at. We had texted her pictures of all three the day before.

Another neat thing I got to do this week was go with Carolyn, Norma and Donna to Byron and JoAnn's house, at their invitation, to see their huge variety of daylilies in all colors. (My favorites were the fuschia and pink ones.) There are rows and rows of them behind and beside their new home. We also got a tour of their home, which is nice and spacious and one of the boys' room is actually a suite with a red-framed French door separating the sleeping and TV space. We had sandwiches, potato salad, chips, pickles, iced tea for lunch, topped off with homemade pecan pie that Byron made. I don't know when I've felt so "at home," for it is truly that. They can sit at their dining table and see those glorious lilies, watch the bluebirds flying about the yard, in and out of the bluebird house, see tiny hummingbirds near the windows at their feeders, and the bottle tree in the middle of the lily field. It was a very pleasant lunchtime and they were most gracious hosts. Their two sons and one of their girlfriend was there. The boys are such gentlemen and waited on everyone, filling up glasses and getting anything that was needed. Great folks. I'd called Billy to let him know I'd be late getting back from lunch and later told him why I was late. He seemed genuinely glad we'd gone and said he would try to go himself to see the flowers.

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