Friday, June 13, 2008

The Babies Do Grow Up

I was looking back at all this hen-scratching over the weeks and months and realized I don't have many pictures of Emmy, Sol, Julia and Lucas as they've grown. Emmy is now 16 months old; Julia is nearly 7 months old (she was born on Mama's birthday); Sol is nearly 9 months old; and Lucas will be 2 in October, I think on or about Paul's birthday. Of course, I look at their moms' blogs just about every day to read updates and see new pictures and have saved quite a lot of them; I just haven't put them in mine!

So here are some recent ones of the little ones:

Emmy on the beach in Gulf Shores this week. Her Yia Yia would have taught her to "reach for the sun!" Tara said she immediately picked up a shell, so she knew she was very much like her beach-combing Yia Yia.
Emmy hugs Lucas. Lucas is Tara and Jorge Salinas's little boy who will be two in the fall. I think she takes after her Yia Yia with this show of affection, too!
I just love those Indy Jones hats. My Papa used to wear one. (Wish I had it.)

Joy and laughing Julia.

Sol at Redbirds baseball game.

How time flies!

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