Friday, June 06, 2008

Open Wide

On May 31 we have had Oscar for two years. The first of June we took him to the vet for his shots, heart worm pills, flea and tick medication, tags, introduction to the nice people at Cross County Veterinary Clinic, and that's his regular annual check-up time. We haven't had his teeth cleaned before, but today is the day. Being a Shih Tzu he does have the shortened nose, but his mouth is so big. Paul and I call it the alligator mouth. His front bottom teeth protrude most of the time, except when he really tries to form words and his little lips actually come together and he tries to talk. He can make vowel sounds. So his bottom teeth are exposed to air most of the time. He has really sharp teeth as Paul will testify, having had more experience with that than I have. This is only because I am Oscar's pack leader, and there can only be one. Sorry, Paul.

But sometimes I think they behave like our real - our human - children - always very nice at someone else's house, using good manners, on their best behavior. Oscar behaves very well with his groomer Cheryl. He just has such an aversion to Paul trying to put the halter and leash on him that we have a routine worked out where Paul brings the leash and Oscar to me, I put the leash on, and Paul (saint that he is) walks him around the block. I think he does kind of like walking him and loves me a lot or he just wouldn't do it! Paul has an aversion, too - to sharp teeth.

This evening I wonder if Oscar will still be a little loopy from the anesthesia. When our cats have had to be sedated, they have been tottery. If so, it will be a rare occurence for our bundle of rip-roaring energy to be caught asleep. Because you can't catch him asleep. At the least movement or activity around him if he is sleeping or "resting his eyes," he is up and 100% "on," and alert to everything that goes on around him or even in the next room. I wish I could wake up that alert... I don't know what's going on till mid-morning.

So I'm thinking of my "baby" all day and hoping all goes well, and hoping he doesn't have any cavities or have to have any fillings. Oh, wait, that is a human child... There's a difference?

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