Saturday, June 07, 2008

Guest Writer

That Miss Julie is such a good doctor. She said I was a good patient. My teeth - well, I know they're not going be in a Crest commercial - but they were in good shape, Miss Julie said! And I didn't have any worms, I got a shiny new tag, and all my Mom needs to do is put drops in my ears for 10 days. "They're a little pink," Miss Julie told Dad, who took me on my trip to the vet. (I like riding in his big truck.) Miss Julie had rather be on the safe side. Mom had noticed me scratching my ears some and rubbing my head around on the carpet and rugs. I guess Mom thought it best to have them seen about. The drops are thick and sounds are funny till the drops soak in some.

My Mom was a little worried about me, but she knew I didn't feel good, having to have medicine to make me sleep. That was a good idea. I don't know if I could have controlled myself and not bitten someone! After all, fooling around with my mouth, except for putting food in it, isn't my idea of fun! I acted very quiet and it all paid off. I got petted a lot and slept in Mom's lap for a long time. I slept a lot yesterday, but by this afternoon, I was my usual self. You know, I have to guard my food, because even though Bitty-the-Cat has never eaten any of it, she just might decide to... That would just not be a good thing. I just get yippy thinking about it!

It will be Bitty's time to go see Miss Julie soon. Bitty is pretty old. She's twelve. Her hair comes out and mine doesn't. Sometimes our Mom has to cut hair off of her. Well, sometimes my Mom cuts hair off of me, but I like it. Bitty does not. She's a pretty cool cat, except when she walks across my food bowl, just to see what I'll do, I think. I can't get anything over on her, though, because she has these long, sharp claws, and she will bat my head sometimes if I look at her wrong. This worries my Mom and sometimes she scolds us both and Bitty gets to go back outside. Which suits me fine. I hope Bitty gets a good check-up, though, like I did. It would be pretty lonely around here without her.

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