Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy Week

This time last week I was looking forward to my 3-day weekend. You can tell how much I love being off and being home. It is Thursday and now I'm dreaming of just a 2-day weekend! Monday was okay, I can't even remember how okay it was now. But Tuesday and Wednesday were whirlwinds: board meeting, paperwork, this little job and that little task, and back and forth between Beck's office (where I am temporarily) and my office (which is sadly neglected except for stacking things up and going to file stuff away, oh, and to eat my lunch in perfect quiet). But Tuesday I will be off for the cardio doctor's appointment (check-up), and Friday is the 4th so that makes another nice, long 3-day weekend, and a short workweek next week.

Sunday afternoon I started coughing (more than usual), and used my Advair a couple of days. Not sure if that was any help - but I have allergies and bronchitis, a rattly cough far down my airway... Thankfully I had some antibiotic (Omnicef) from May's sinus infection that I thought was too strong and anyway the sinus infection was better or over or cured from it, and I took one of those this morning. I had to beg myself to go to work today or have enough sense to stay home. Apparently I was senseless because I was at work all day. I did feel better by afternoon, after lunch of Wendy's chicken sandwich, more Advil, the rest of the morning's Dr. Pepper (yea for caffeine), and again, the seclusion of my office. I suppose the lovely times of sitting on the patio got me in touch with all my allergies. You'd think I'd learn.

I told Junior this morning that I could handle all this (work stress) when I was younger - it is harder and harder to push myself now. I used to do my job and what is now Beck's all the time, before Mr. C. divided it into two jobs. That was wise of him.
I'll be glad when Beck comes back to work!

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