Friday, May 16, 2008

The First Week...

Becky called Wednesday and we talked for several minutes. The collar she has to wear is her biggest "challenge." She goes back to the doctor Tuesday for a check-up. Her sister Trish came by yesterday and was going to Beck's to help with some things at the house. Creamed potatoes and Coke floats seemed to be big on Beck's menu, too.

It has actually not been that bad here in Becky's office, doing her and my jobs. I've had to fetch and carry some of my files most days, and I've done as much as possible on the insurance invoices as I can at this point. But it has been a good mix of busy and quiet. Phone calls have been pretty minimal; I've done a couple of credit union and ACRE transactions; a worker's compensation claim (no lost time, which is always good); new summer employee - most of her paperwork done and will finish up after she returns from her senior trip (a cruise - we got to go to Shiloh National Cemetery for ours and were lucky to get to do that!); a couple of letters; proofed our new employee directory...

My sinuses have been in various states of hurting/not hurting and I have one more day of antibiotic to take. After that... I guess it's back to the doctor and I don't know what then. Maybe the weather will dry up some and it'll get better.

I got my report from the health screening last week and was shocked that my cholesterol was as high as it is! In March it was 177; last week - 231! Unacceptable. I don't know if one was off-kilter for some reason... I'll call the clinic and get it rechecked the morning that I have the follow-up CT at CrossRidge, which is at 9 a.m. The nurse at the GYN (where it was 177) said be sure not to eat anything heavy, greasy, but maybe a turkey sandwich and to fast 12-18 hours. I had fasted with the others, but something is amiss. I'm sure hoping that 177 is closer to being right!

Paul went to Paragould for an Executive Committee Meeting Wednesday and back same day. There is a plant at Paragould that makes Glad Ware and they had containers filled with goodies for all the participants and some extras left; Paul brought two home. We always "need" pens!

It has rained I think every day this week except today, and needless to say Oscar didn't want to go out. Wednesday he didn't have that "second chance" at lunchtime 'cause Paul wasn't home! It has also been cool most days. This morning it was 56 degrees and I wore one of my corduroy jackets to work and it has felt good!

Next Thursday Annette and Robert Crockett are hosting a cook-out for Pedro and Yolanda Schlacta at their home. Amy won't be able to go but Paul and I plan to. Pedro and Yolanda hosted Amy and Leslie in Argentina when they went on their mission trip in 1990. I don't know how long P/Y have been here or if they're coming in next week. I will call Annette soon.

Last night I filed papers at home that had stacked up so I won't be faced with that over the weekend. All the shrubs and plants we set out 3 weeks ago are looking great - I can tell from the back door that the azaleas and hostas have grown and I'm wondering if we set them too close together. The dogwoods look healthy and the rosebushes have new growth.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend and hoping it goes so...

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