Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our Seasons

Yesterday I stepped around our ash tree and thought it would take at least a dozen azaleas to encircle it. Paul said they should be about 3 feet apart and would be fine, as the ones beside the garage were planted that far apart. So I stepped around again and I think probably seven will be okay. The bird feeder will be between two of them. Probably five azaleas will be plenty for the back corner of the yard near the fence. I'd like to try another dogwood there behind the azaleas. This fall I want to plant tulip or jonquil bulbs in front of the azaleas. That will add more color and will be easy to keep. Maybe a stone bench beside the fence... There's a space at the west end of the house that needs a small heat-resistant shrub - I'll have to ask what will be good for there. Two ferns for the front and one for the patio, two or three tomato plants... and I'm done! ...well, until I can get some bulbs from Richard's yard... ...and the patio needs a good washing off - maybe I can do that this Saturday... We've had so much rain this month and it rained again yesterday. The ground should be good for digging after a little drying out. I'm sure Paul will love doing that for me - he enjoys yard work. And the azaleas will be easy to mow near.

Sher has her garden plots ready and tomato plants set out. I talked to her yesterday and she was in an ebby mood, where I was last week. Just tired, I suppose. We can always find something to laugh about together and I hope she was better after I called.

Bren is in a "quiet" season at the present time. Mary Jane is awaiting the arrival of Eliza, who seems to be doing fine - the cord moved up across her face and they are doing sonograms every other day. Cecil and Rosie are stable after her stay in the hospital. Alex's skin problem is much better. Bren is looking forward to putting new flower beds in by her deck and getting some ferns.

I talked to Amy briefly this morning and they were to do housekeeping today - I guess that means clean the prep room. I told her about Alta's ring she got for 50c at a yard sale and it was 14k gold with a real stone (I forgot - purple - amythist?). Amy said she'd gotten a dozen or so pieces of jewelry at a yard sale for a few dollars. Just never know what you might find.

Norma called me before they went to their meeting today. I miss the girls! The rest of us are going to eat at FC country club for lunch - Professional Assistants' Day. Is that what it's called? Used to be Secretary's Day. Nice, though; we all get to go together this year!

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