Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Old and New

I'm sitting in the same place I occupied for many years before moving into an adjacent office, then moving to another part of the building after our former CEO retired. It is a change - I did a little work I could get to on our Admin folder on our networked files, but mostly I've been "available" since this is board meeting day. I made calls to all the directors this morning to remind them of the meeting and have answered several calls. There are people coming in and out I usually wouldn't see that often. Some directors I haven't seen in almost a year - since the annual meeting in July.

Becky is gone the rest of the week and I'm sitting in for her, at least for today. She, Norma and Carolyn have gone to a business meeting in New Orleans. I asked Beck to send me a postcard and she said she'd pick one up and bring it to me!

Yesterday after work I attended our community college annual advisory board meeting. It had been two years since I'd been. When we looked at the minutes from last year and my name wasn't on the list of attendees, I remembered that I had forgotten it last year! We met in the Tech Center, which was interesting. It's "industrial arts" in the technological age. I wondered if Paul would have liked this - everything is computer-oriented. One of the speakers had a picture of his old drafting table on the Power Point; he said it was rarely used. He also said that one of their programs - BIM (I don't remember what it stands for) - is to CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) what CAD was to the old slide rule in making diagrams. The college also offers a web designer certification which would be interesting. I also learned that our "delta" region will in the near future have another state park between Marianna and West Helena (Helena?) - Mississippi River State Park. The leader in our department emphasized their courses in hospitality because of the area we're in, and already having one state park at Village Creek.

Being "out of my comfort zone," so to speak, makes me realize what a dinosaur I can be at times. It's good to come out of the cave.

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