Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Week Ahead

Looking at a busy week ahead. Tomorrow I'm helping Jr with interviews, need to finish up two reports that have been hanging around since the first of the year. Tuesday an early appointment in Memphis for my shoulder. (Last month Dr. Harriman said I was "on the verge of greatness." He was right, or else it's the wonderful steroid I've been taking for the lung thing!) I hope I can meet Amy for breakfast or early lunch afterward, in W. Memphis. I already TM'd her and she's working that day. Wednesday more interviews. Payroll changes for Friday, but so far there are none for mid-month. Norval asked me to post 2 temporary job openings and they "close" the 15th. More applicants and interviews ahead.

Hopefully, there will be tickets available for the church Valentine banquet "High Cotton" either Monday night or Wednesday night. We didn't ask about them earlier because of the medical report. We haven't missed in years and they're always fun with church members singing and performing in cute plays but with evangelistic message.

Today I went to a baby shower for Alice Ann Holmes. I just figured out who her mother-in-law is! Our State Farm agent! Takes me a while...

Tara posted about Emmy's 1st birthday with lots of pictures, and Joy wrote about Julia and the forgotten diaper bag, the Arts Council Valentine Gala, and Julia's award for best supporting actress ("emmy" award) at Emmy's party. These new parents just seem to have it all together!

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