Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Short Week So Far

Already this has been a very busy, very short week.

At 4:30 Monday afternoon I got a call from the church that there were Valentine banquet tickets available! I'd already called Jean and told her I had not heard anything, but 30 minutes later called her back with the good news. She and Dick picked us up around 6:00 for this first performance of "High Cotton." As always the food was wonderful (the deacons grilled the huge steaks); the service was wonderful (deacons' wives and deacons waited tables); the play was fun, and the cast of musicians, singers and actors was great, with the entire story leading up to the gospel message: we are all the same in God's eyes and by His grace we are saved. Brother Matt lead the audience to pray in whatever way each individual needed to. I think my favorite parts of the entertainment, the play itself, was the "Cottonettes" and the young men's singing, although it was all good.

We got home around 9:30 and by the time I got ready for bed, I was not sleepy, still being full of steak, so I watched the rest of "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," an old Gary Cooper/Jean Arthur movie. Frank Capra directed it, and it's evident in the close-up shots of Cooper - the emotions displayed in his face and beautiful eyes. At 11:00 I went to bed. And slept all night without getting up until...

5:30 the next morning. I had to get an early start going to Memphis for my ortho appointment for my shoulder. It is so much better, but I wonder if some of that is not due to the prednisone. It was raining, but I parked in the garage at the medical building and didn't get wet. I waited an hour and saw the doctor for about 5 minutes, but he dismissed me, saying my ROM was very much better, to work hard, especially during these days I'm taking the steroid. (He asked why, and I told him about the lung tests.) I have to say I have not done exercises, but I have been reaching much higher with my right arm w/o lifting the whole right side of my body to do so. I was through there by 9:00.

Shortly after 9:00 I was on the other side of the river and soon came to a dead halt because of backed up traffic. I sat there for an hour while a wreck was being cleared. It had both lanes of I55 blocked, so no one was going anywhere. There was no near exit to get on the service road. Amy and I TM'd each other and talked a couple of times. I lhad been listening to XM radio and switched to local news on regular radio to find out that it was a jack-knifed truck that had traffic stopped. I had planned to get McD's breakfast and take to the FH to eat, but we decided I'd just pick her up there and eat early lunch. By 10:30 I'd gotten out of the traffic and to Roller-Citizens, picked her up and we went to Cracker Barrell. We ate breakfast after all. They had a fire in the fireplace and it felt good to back up to the heat.

I went to work after all that and was tired last night. Paul had city council meeting and I stayed up till he got home around 9 then went to bed.

Oscar got a fine haircut today and greeted me at the door wearing a red bandana with black leopard prints on it. Very snazzy - he looked so cute and little after having long hair these last couple of months. He may have to wear a sweater out in the cold. He's always kind of excitable after being somewhere different and tonight every time Paul moves in the recliner he yips and trots around. I finally had to get him up in my lap and hold him. He and I are typing now. Oh, wait, no - he's almost asleep. Nothing like "mommy" to calm him down.

Junior and I did one interview today and there is one rescheduled for tomorrow. I made most of the copies of summary plan descriptions for insurance plans today. If we could meet the regulations for website access to every participant, that would be so much easier, less time- and paper-consuming. I probably will use most of a whole box of paper doing this. But there is something to be said for having the actual paper in your hands; like reading a real book, as opposed to an electronic version, which I've never done. (Now that would save a lot of bookshelf space!)

Jean called a while ago and she's making soup for Friday night. I'm taking a salad.

We are tired and it is 7:00 and I think I will go find a good magazine or book, go to bed and read till I get really sleepy, which will be about 2 minutes.

This side..... or this side.....

Or this...

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