Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sweet Blessings

I'm sitting on Amy's couch with her new laptop writing this entry. Paul, Oscar and I came over today to spend the weekend and I was to give her sewing lessons. So far that hasn't happened. But we'll get to it. Other things just kept getting in the way - going to Davis Kidd for less than 20 minutes (amazing and probably a record short time for me in a bookstore!), to eat at On the Border, to Yarniverse to get knitting needles (Sher also wanted me to get some for her, since I was getting wooden ones), to Hobby Lobby to look at yarn but we ended up getting scrapbooking papers. (I did look at the yarn but decided to wait for Pam to help with that. HL didn't have the brand she recommended anyway.)

We were about at the end of our caffeinated drinks and running out of energy and it was warmer today than it has been since back in the fall. So we came home to her house and crashed for a while. I read some of my new "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" magazine with Oscar lying on the foot rest of the recliner, Paul on the couch and Amy in her bedroom.

Once rested and after walking Oscar around the block again, we went to Chick Filet for supper. I needed some soy milk so we stopped at Wild Oats on the way back home and got that and a few other things. Paul said he wanted honeybun for breakfast and I expected those folks close to us in the store to turn, stare and collectively inhale in amazement. They didn't. (I bet they eat honeybuns, too, sometimes!) We did get his hb's at the local supermarket.

Amy turned her Christmas lights on outside for us to see since we didn't get to at the holidays! The weather was bad when we were here. I made pictures which I'll probably add later.

Oscar just doesn't know what to do with himself and he's exhausted himself with alternately adoring and being jealous of Amy. I had to put him in the bedroom for a time-out and he finally settled down.

It's been a beautiful day. A good "Saturday Marble." I talked to Sher, Steve, have been with family, rested, read, watched the sun slide across the top of a table piled with books, pens, cups and a vase of flowers, walked my dog, looked at and bought pretty papers and ribbons, had good food, sweet blessings...

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