Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just Because

Probably a year ago we brought home a wall cabinet that Amy had gotten at Pottery Barn Outlet when she worked there. I thought it'd be great in the bedroom, but the studs were not right for the width of it and it weighed a ton. It has three glass-front doors and hooks underneath the cabinet part, and is 99% decorative, meaning almost totally impractical. The cabinet sections are long and narrow and not very deep. But it's pretty. That effort didn't work out, so we took it back to Amy's and it's been in her spare bedroom all this time leaning against a wall.

This weekend I looked at it again and behold a blank wall at my house presented itself to me! It could go in the laundry/pantry room!

Paul and Amy loaded it in the back of his truck and we took it home. Last night he was ready to hang it up on that wall. (I had taken down a couple of pictures, so it wasn't entirely a blank wall. Now there are two pictures to put somewhere else...) He had made a bracket to hold the weight of it, and it spanned the space between the studs, so it would not, could not go anywhere once it was hung up.

Our house is small and I have tried for years to make it a big house. It isn't a big house and now has almost every nook and cranny filled with things like one-ton decorative cabinets, shelves, book cases (and books!), pictures, and memorabilia. So now this pretty "distressed" white cabinet is hanging opposite our dryer and our 38-year old chest-type freezer and holds a glass creamer, a "honeycomb" creamer Mama gave me, and a pair of her salt and pepper shakers she got in Wynne 20 years ago when Hay's had a dish promotion. These were the only things I could find (for now) that would fit inside! It is set off-center above the Sterilite utility drawers and to the right of the light switch.

"Another crooked thing in our crooked little house," I told Paul. But I don't care. It's pretty. It holds treasures.

And my strong husband put it up there, just because I wanted it.

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