Sunday, February 24, 2008

David Copperfield

Not the book; the magician.

We're going to see David Copperfield at the Orpheum this evening, picking Amy up or meeting her - plans change sometimes hourly. Several or many years ago we went to see him there; Amy was about 11, 12, maybe 13, still young enough to enjoy going with Moma and Daddy and not being embarrassed. (So.. I guess she got past that because she's going with us again!) I love going to the Orpheum, a grand old restored theater in downtown Memphis. We've seen quite a few plays there over the years, but it's been some time since we've been. I enjoy seeing the theater itself, the atmosphere, and watching the people in every array of formal to near-formal to dressy-casual to very casual dress coming out, mingling, with a common interest in whatever performance is there.

The first time we went there, Sher and I took our little girls, ages about 7 or 8, to see "The King and I," with Yul Brenner, and we sat in the very top seats. The actors were tiny, but we could see and hear everything. Over the years, we've seen "Cats," "Phantom of the Opera", "Camelot," (Teri loved Robert Goulet), "Les Miserables," (twice) "Evita." Once we saw "Sound of Music," the Friday Night Summer Movie, which was wonderful. There is nothing like a live play, the music, the dimension you see that you don't get on film, the magic of scene changes in the dark; or seeing a classic movie on a huge "real" theater screen where you can actually see the flowers in the identical dresses and shirts that Maria made of the drapes.

Paul is like a little kid when magic shows come on TV, so he'll really have a good time there tonight. I'm sure DC will put on a great performance. Afterward we'll eat somewhere and come Monday morning, try to get up and go to work, back to the "real" world. But then, it's magic, too, isn't it?

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