Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Did I Love You? Let Me Count the Ways

Had a wonderful laugh
Never met a stranger
Loved me unconditionally
Had a sweet, tender heart
Peace keeper
Fussed about that funny little spot in your hair
Liked the same lipstick I do (Think Bronze)
Liked the same shoes (Clark's)
Loved your family, Richard, Tara, Neall
Looked forward to being Yia Yia
Caregiver - faithful to Miss Ruth, Mrs. J., Ruby
Loved God
Loved people
Made everything fun
Couldn't drive at night (I'm getting there!)
Middle name was "go"
Enjoyed new things and places
Put others before yourself
Knew where a good garage sale was!
Knew how to shop
Always wanted the best for others
Didn't like to cook, but could
Made and liked to eat cookies
Loved Diet Cokes
Liked to go to Sonic for their Happy Hour
Shared Blasts or sundaes with me
Shared dinners with me when we ate out
Held my hand in church
Praised God and actually clapped your hands in church!
Sometimes almost danced in church
Volunteered for VBS just about every year
Volunteered in the nursery and loved holding babies
Prayer partner
Loved the beaches - any place we vacationed
Shared vacations with us
My family was your family and vice versa
I loved the way you teased my brother Mike
Loved the Razorbacks!
Enjoyed going to basketball games to see them play!
Big fan of DeAngelo Williams (You woulda loved seeing him at Wendy's yesterday!)
Loved movies - my movie buddy
Always there to listen to me
Called to apologize over the silliest things I thought nothing about! So tender.
Loved socks and rings and bracelets
Loved our Travelin' Buddy birthday celebrations, Christmas parties and trips
Always there no matter what time of day or night or what "crisis" or joyful event had occurred!
Travelin' Buddy with me - San Antonio, Nashville, Memphis, Jonesboro
Ran so many errands for me when I couldn't do them
Went so many times to my house to be sure I'd unplugged the curling iron, iron, or Mr. Coffee
Loved books on tape
Loved Jazz, Beau and Sam
Tolerated Erica, Dr. Seuss and Bitty in spite of your allergies!
Stayed with me when Paul would be on trips
Asked me to stay with you when Richard was on trips
Loved your cell phone and calling your family
Loved digital cameras and pictures
You were an artist, a painter, a hidden talent you discovered late
Unselfish, thinking of others, even to the end...

Writing all these things down, I can almost imagine you will just walk in the door and we can start over again, pick up where we left off.

There are so many other things I love and miss about you I just have not thought of here. You filled a huge part of my heart. It is not often a person is blessed with so many friends and such a one as you were and will ever be.

You've been gone two years today, and I miss you just as much as I did that day God called you home to Heaven.

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