Thursday, October 11, 2007

Digging for Gold

I went through Mama's little steel box last night, sorted by SS benefit statements/VA, bank/finance, and personal. Found a 1935 (!!!) magazine from the Commercial Appeal - I know it had to be Goobie's, didn't take time to look and see why she might have saved it. Brittle, some little pieces of the page edges missing, but pretty intact. Also some papers someone had filed against a Cordovada Gold Dredging Co in Alaska in 1955! Papa's name wasn't on the papers, can't even think of it now, but two other men, wanting ownership of their claim or such. But it had to have been something to do with Papa; he was always going or wanting to go "out west." Never heard Mama talk about it, she may not even have remembered those papers were in there, or may never have looked at them closely! I put those 2 things in an envelope to take to show Sher.

Also found Mama and Willard's (copy) of their marriage license she'd gotten for the VA benefits. October 4, 1952; she was 23, he was 34. Will make copies for me, Mike, Steve if they want one, and give that certified one to Sher. Postcards Sher'd sent from overseas, little drawings and cards from Mel to Mama. Cards and notes, postcards from Amy to Mama. Letters from Mike and Marsha to Mama when she was in Ft. Worth. Postcards and letters from Steve from Alaska. (Seems Mike and I're the only ones in the family who stayed put!) Amazing stuff, especially the old 1935 and 1955 things, that they survived. The magazine is 72 years old! Negatives I'll get developed, can't tell who they're of.

Something Mama had copied:

Love me because I try to touch life within the framework of uncertainty
Love me in the shadows of my indecisions as I strive to gain knowledge
Love me In the silence of my hurts and the noise of my confusions
Love me for the feeling of my heart, not the fears of my mind
Love me in my search for truth though I may stumble upon fallacy
Love me as I pursue my dreams sometimes retarded by illusions
Love me as I grow to know myself even during the times of stagnation
Love me because I seek God's harmony, not man's discord
Love me for my body that I wish to share with affection, wrapping you in warmth
Love me because we are different as we are the same
Love me that our time together will be spent in growing, kindling the world with understanding
Love me not with expectations but with hope
I will love you the same

By Walter Rinder
Our little Mama had such a sweet, romantic heart. Of course, these things are much more precious than all the gold in Alaska.

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