Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping Ain't What It Used To Be...

Friday evening I called Amy to see if she'd like to shop for new "career clothes" on Saturday. Of course she did. It's been probably 2, maybe 3 years since we shopped together for clothes. When she was in high school this was an all-day affair, with her teenage psyche searching for the perfect outfit, perfect fit, perfect style, perfect, perfect perfect! We did find the perfect fit in jeans at The Buckle and every pair set us back about $75 or so and that was 20 years ago. Twenty years??!! (Well, that's nothing, now we are hiring children where I work whose grandmother I could almost be.)

So anyway, we did shop on Saturday and pretty much got it all done in one store. She really is hard to fit with length being a major challenge - arm length, leg length, torso length. At just under six feel tall, she just doesn't ordinarily find things off the rack. Dresses are practically out of the question. They fit like Alice's did in Wonderland when she grew and grew. Too short-waisted, too short in length, too short-armed, too tight across the shoulders. But we did find really, really nice suit separates that fit and cost half a month's pay. We had the sales clerk put those back and kept looking. Then we found another nicely tailored suit in separates, and they fit just as well, and four pieces was $100 less than the three pieces were going to be. We were making progress!

We ventured on to the casual seperates and after squeezing ourselves into the same fitting room and trying on skirts, pants and Ts together, we found other clothes that could be worn for every day. At the end of two hours, she said she'd had enough. After another half hour, she really had, and I could hardly believe we had done all the shopping we did in such a short time. We shopped like men! Go in, get it, get out! (I told her the next day that Friday when I went to bed I thought, What was I thinking" She said she thought the same thing!)

I had almost out-shopped her, but not quite. We were both ready for a break, so we went to Davis-Kidd and ate at Bronte Bistro. She had a crab cake sandwich and salad and I had gotten a chocolate chip cookie, still being pretty full from Corky's BBQ earlier in the day. Having refueled on a couple of bites of the cookie, I looked at magazines while she left to take Paul something for supper from American Bread Company. Then she returned for the wind-down of our spree. We ended up at Dollar Tree where I found the pink plastic tablecloth I needed for Donna's reception Tuesday. Thank goodness there are still those kinds of fun, cheap places!

Today I talked to Amy and she was ready to tackle her closets and bag up her old sorority Ts. "Leave a border around the theme so we can do a quilt some day," I told her. (Right) "I'll just cut the arms off," she said. "Well, just put them in a bag. If you start cutting them, you'll get sidetracked from the closets," I advised. "We can go through the Ts another day." So I wonder how far she's gotten with the closet cleaning. I emailed her the "Cathy" comic from Sunday's paper - she and her mother were doing the same thing I had volunteered to help Amy with! "How did it turn out?" Amy asked when I told her to look at the comic strip before she started. "Well, you know Cathy," I told her. "Then maybe I should read it after I clean mine out."

I'm excited that her new clothes will have room to breathe in her decluttered closet! I'm excited she has a new job! I'm glad we got to spend fun time together. And I'm excited I could finally almost out-shop my 33-year old daugher!

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