Friday, May 18, 2007

More Fun with Doctors

This will be something, I told Paul, that you can occupy yourself with before you have to go see the ortho doctor about your arm. It'll make the next 2 weeks go by much faster, I'm sure.

Family doctor called him last night and said his PSA level was a little elevated from last fall and had increased over the course of a few years. Something men have to keep track of like we do our mammograms and other interesting tests. This could be an infection, or just aging, or even something more serious. So now he's sending Paul to a urologist. This has come about as a result of the lower GI and other observations by the GI doctor on Tuesday.

The blood sugar? Borderline (160 is some medical standard's definition of borderline) after the eating and testing thing by Joy on Wednesday. Can he manage this for Paul? I sure hope so because I would not like to have to say I told you so in a couple of years when other body parts begin to have problems, like eyes, kidneys, heart, etc. Wonder why it seems to be less important for him to refer Paul to an endocrinologist for a second opinion about this "borderline" blood sugar deal than it does for him to refer him to a urologist for elevation in his PSA? I'm not a doctor so obviously I'm missing something here. What is borderline and does the body care if it is borderline or not? Paul's bs has been 120 (fasting) to 259/209 after eating. Just because it is someone's numbers they've assigned (120/fasting; 160/meal), does the body agree that oh, it's okay, it's just borderline. No damage is being done.

I really hope not. I really hope he is doing this right.

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