Monday, October 02, 2006

Shaggy Oscar

His torso hair is wonderful - long, wavy and soft. He's shaggy around the face, paws, underbelly. So it's back to the groomer's we go this week. It's only been about 3 weeks I think, but it has to be done again. I thought it would be too cool for a complete clipping, but the days are warm and the hair is long and requires more brushing, which I don't mind, but just don't have time for every day. He looks neater when clipped, and is easier to wash. We can always get him a sweater. "He's a dog," Paul said. "Yes, but they get cold just like we do!" I told him.

Last night O wanted to sleep on the rug in the kitchen but I wouldn't let him. A couple of times we've left the kennel door open and he's stayed in all night, but last night he wanted to wander, so I had to close the door. I hope Paul will dog-proof the back yard. How nice it would be to let him out, run around, do his business; but then I do enjoy walking him. Lately it is dark at 6 or 6:15 a.m. when we leave, and it's getting dark earlier. When the time changes, we will have more light in the morning, but we'll have to take a flashlight for evening walks!

I gave him a pork skin bone to gnaw on yesterday and he chewed about half of it down before he got thirsty. They must be salty, although I've never tasted one! At about 3-inch length, I took it away from him. No point letting it get so small he could choke on it.

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