Sunday, December 27, 2015


Only a few days left to get in all of 2015, and some of it will go over no doubt because Amy, Matt and Dexter didn't get to be here Christmas. Dexter is doing better. Matt has a terrible cold. We thought we might go to Memphis and take them out for dinner, but Matt felt awful, Amy's nursing both him and D.

Sometimes I think I'll discontinue this, but my goodness, I started it 10 years ago this January! It's hard to break a "tradition!" I have the last five years printed and bound by Blogs2Print, and plan to upload this one as soon after the first as I can. I don't really "journal" any more. It's become a photojournal, which is okay, but I don't write like I used to. I often think, well, it's all been said and who wants to ready or who will ready any of this. I can see why Aunt Clara burned her writings, in a way. But on the other hand, I hate to leave my life's thoughts and experiences, growth and backsliding in a heap of ashes. It's like part of me would be gone, (though I know that isn't true - God keeps all our tears in a bottle - and it just occurred to me - they could be tears of joy as well as heartache.) Books, pens, pages, ink, print, paper, color - anything that has to do with written words or images - I've always loved. So... I'll continue on. 

Moe of the sweet ladies I "hang out with!" Blessings in my life. I wondered the other day how my life would have been without all these friends, without stepping out on these little stones of faith and getting involved in the community and church, without family around. How small, narrow, lonely. So thankful for every friend. The first year I was in 20th C Club I couldn't decide if I wanted to continue with it or not. A few times I debated resigning. I'm SO glad I didn't. Just like my work friends and the Travelin' Buddy friends, I can't imagine being without them. As I've gotten older, I find that laughing at myself is very therapeutic, too. We all share some similar but all relatable experiences, and it's reassuring and sometimes hilarious to know I'm not the only one who's had them!

And on second look I see I'm not as far behind as I thought. 20th Century Club is on here a few days past...

Our sweet Kiley is growing up! She favors me some I think, when I was this age. Pappy Steve got her this rabbit for Christmas.

Kiley with the little Janome sewing machine I sent her. Erica wrote that it was perfect since Kiley had used Granny's machine to make all her cousins scarves for Christmas! Wow! We have a budding seamstress! Yea!

Tuesday with her tree. She's a cutie and doesn't miss a thing!

Whitney and Shiloh.

Shiloh - yes, she does have long legs! Like her mom. I'm sure she'll be taller than Greg. (She was 21" at birth.)

Hallmark Happy Cat and Happy Dog, Christmas music on Christmas Eve. 

Tomorrow Addilyn Elizabeth-Deane will come into the world - Morgan and Steven's daughter. Addilyn and Tuesday each have part of their aunt's name - Tuesday Sarah-Grace. Deane is Marsha's dad's name.

After Amy, Matt and Dexter are here, and all the Christmas decorations stored away (in the new storage building, hopefully to arrive soon), I'll finish Morgan's rag quilt for Addilyn. Then I want to just sew - just no deadlines or projects - finish the two quilts I started at Treasure Chest classes (not to say I won't do other projects there), make a couple of scrappy quilts. I'd like to make a QOV or a quilt for SAFE. Or quilts for my brothers. 

And take stock of all the fabric I have! Re-sort all the donated fabric I got last year. It felt so good to finish and give away those stockings at Tishomingo Industries. Yep - that's the event that's missing. And here it is, also with cookies, brownies, and Christmas Jingo!

Looks snowy in background. Isn't.

First full Christmas Moon since 1977.

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