Friday, July 18, 2014

"GIVE ME A LITTLE COVE..." (Ruth Bell Graham - Sitting By My Laughing Fire)

A place of rest within this cove of trees and quiet. A little wood thrush sings all day long, singing its little heart out - it has dawned on me - for me. For one who listens. I hear him when I go outdoors several times a day - he's always singing.

And this song of my heart - my Paul - to do, to garden in his way, to clean our little cove of brush and vines and make it a park, a garden to walk in...

Today it has and is raining and Charlotte is coming with lunch - chicken salad. The table is quaintly set with just a little garden-y fabric, some of Mama Nick's Fostoria, two Fiesta plates and a cutting of roses from the front corner, where I cut them and got wet anyway, and it doesn't matter.

Still yellow... Fading somewhat.

Thelma's perch.

And lookout.

These two love each other.

Sunlight through the path.

Oldham Rose.

Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar. Had no idea the pretty black butterflies started out like this. Looks half salamander, half caterpillar. I got him on the end of a long stick and tossed him toward the lily bush in the back yard. (Rose of Sharon)

Been thinking about finishing this lap quilt...

Vines Paul has been tackling.

Log road, looking north.

Looking south toward the county road. He has all this cleaned out and it looks like a park.

Cut a little. Rest a little.

Oscar gets to run up the hill from our walk.

Southeast fro our driveway, all cleaned out.

Hard working hands.

My little boy. He needs to start walking, too. This time the haircut did reveal a few pounds he has gained.

Was lost on the log road, but we found it.

Just my pretty wheels... hope I feel like driving soon. This has been a "turn-around" week, I think. Only one cough drop today!

Other side of the log road - this is what it all looked like before Paul started cutting and hacking at it.

Path to Aunt Ginny's. Paul and I dug steps on the creek bank but I haven't been back that way since. Maybe soon.

From the middle of the Low Garden; the deck is uphill on the right.

Behind the house, looking northwest into the woods.

Thelma decides to take a stroll.

Roses in front of the house.


My gloves aren't as worn. But they're newer, too!

Old horse shed on left.

Yesterday we had 1.9 inches of rain. None Saturday (today) but was cool and cloudy all day. Strange July.

Telling me a story.

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