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On June 26 I will have an afib ablation in Memphis. I've had problems with overdoing, overtaxing myself and my heart gets out of rythym; and I know the med I take is not very forgiving - I forgot it one morning while waiting for my appointment, the day before it in fact - and had a really bad night Monday night. My doctor said some time ago that I was not ready for it. So now I am, and he said, "I think you made the right choice." 60-80% success rate. Just want to feel more normal, able to plan activities without having to gage my fatigue level, always in the back of my mind that my heart can race away with me. When it does that, I take extra med (flecainide); once about a month ago, I went (Paul took me) to the ER here. In an hour or so it had slowed down again (I had taken extra med, but it wasn't slowing); they gave me nitroglycerin, oxygen and did blood work. Everything went back to normal on its own and we went home. It's just always there, lurking, though. Dr. Eric Johnson at Stern Cardio will do it - he did my other one about 17 years ago. I got by with atenolol for a while and then about 4 years ago had to add the flecainide. So there's that.

Next Friday I have to have a CTA - CT of the arteries in/around my heart - and I have to premed for possible reaction to contrast, since I have had reaction before. And bloodwork. No fasting, though.

So my project~~ when Sher turned 50 I made her a photo/music CD and Teri and I flew to San Antonio to hand deliver it. Not one of those things that can be mailed, after an emotional involvement with it, putting all the old pictures, travel pictures, card copies, etc., together. She had told me several times I need to bring it up to date and I always told her no! Lots of work and emotional! So last year about 2 weeks before her 60th birthday I decided to update. It has taken a year. She's been near enough to visit several times and I've hidden everything under my bed those times. It took two albums. If I'd had any sense I would have done it on the computer... But I'm glad it's done and she loves it. She can't take it now, though, as I want a copy made of it for myself. Family history... Plus she's moving to a new job in DC at the Pentagon and in the throes of moving. These are two 12X12 albums about 3" thick each. Of course I made photos of every page, some could be better; probably redo some or all of them. May (likely) will have them all printed, but want a 12X12 copy of both books.  I've enlisted Amy (Memphis) to do this, or get it done for me.  These album covers are the same color, by the way.

Each year is divided by pages similar to this, with cartoons, quotes, pictures that we share good memories over.

Her 50th birthday - Mama sent the finished quilt she made for Sher and she didn't open it until Teri and I got there. She's looking at the printed thumbnails of the photos on the CD. And of course, we have snot rags. I'm sure these Kleenex are saved somewhere. Copy of Mama's card to Sher.

Two of my favorite pages below with Mama on a visit when Sher lived in Columbus, MS.

"Days stretched before us
Racing for Eternity
Little did we know."

Last trip we made.

Mama's older sister, oldest of the siblings. She died in April of this year. 

Bonnie, Sher's neighbor in Panama City.

Her daughter Melanie & Kevin's wedding.

 Cross-stitch I did for Sher; and we revised for Mel. About twenty-five years in the making.

Marine ball. Crawfish boil with Sher's first Flight (class) in Montgomery, Maxwell AFB, Leadership College. She read all or parts of 80 books. Her housemate Shannon who was assigned to Hawaii. She extended an invitation to visit...

No foot dragging here.

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