Thursday, June 12, 2014


When I upload a huge amount of pictures and leave this blog up and open for a long time, it won't post. I should have learned by now.

An old house near my veterinarian's place.Beulah Burcham's (or Beacham's).

The house we thought would be the YOTM nominee, but wasn't in the city limits.

Amish-crafted day swing. Diane McClung, who I learned is a classmate of Sher's. She and I were going to visit (and see the beautiful old home they have decorated) but Sher and I ran out of time on her last visit. (Not unusual.) Diane was a Dean and was raised just about a mile from here at homeplace just before turning on our county road.

Her husband Benny - someone gave him all these teak doors and he used them for wall panels on his storage area on the carport.

Their patio.

Diane shows Brenda a yard sale find she will turn into a trellis and day bed.

The front of their home - Yard of the Month for May, 20th Century Club. This was the Hiett home, later the Iuka Baptist Church Daycare. Was built in 1863, one of the many historic homes in Iuka.

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