Friday, June 13, 2014


I had a CT scan today of my heart and blood flow. I once had a reaction to the contrast dye, so I had to load up on prednisone and a Benadryl. The test itself took about 4 minutes - the pictures. This will serve as a guide or map for Dr. Johnson when he does my ablation in two weeks. 

When the technician started the saline flush, my heart started racing - over 90 - and stayed that way for the duration. I don't think it got any faster, and I had one of those shivering rigors when it subsided. But I stayed on that table and got it done! A nurse they called in, probably an RN, said it was likely the prednisone causing my heart to race. And I know when I've had steroid injections in my hips it would beat faster than usual. Lying down doesn't help in these episodes. They brought me apple juice, and I sat for a few minutes, sorry they had to witness all this shaking going on, but at least a professional medical person or persons actually saw what I've been describing. They asked if I wanted Paul (my husband, they didn't know his name of course) to come back, would it make me feel better. I told them no. (It wouldn't help me, and he couldn't do anything.)

We met and ate with Amy at Blue Plate Cafe on Poplar and were glad to get to see her a few minutes. She thought she'd have the afternoon off. "It's a whole new world, working at TC," she told me. She can actually leave for lunch, possibly be off the rest of the afternoon (which she was as they weren't busy) and maybe run errands if needed. I think Adam is so glad to finally have her there full-time. She has a "life." And of course, it makes us feel better, too. If someone calls TC and neither she nor Adam are there, the calls transfer to his and/or her cell phones, so they stay atop all that's needed.

Now I can put the actual ablation in the back of my mind for two weeks. But I am looking forward to how it is going to help me! I'm very hopeful! I want to have a "rested" life, not always anticipating how tired I'll be, how far can I drive and when I get there what will I be able to actually do, because heart medicine is tiring. Having racing heart episodes is tiring. I know I'm getting older, but I look at other people my age and they actually drive places - like Memphis, alone. I want to be able to walk a mile - that's not far for some people, but it is for me. And then there is the neuroma on my left foot that burns... but that's another problem for another time. I have to actually have stamina to walk, after all.

Paul's FIFTIETH Class Reunion is tomorrow at Mineral Springs Park. (If I said that already, I am not that far behind him, though he is old. So "lite potluck," and I can't figure out what that is, so I got a veggie/dip tray at Piggly Wiggly to be picked up in the morning. Cousin Salinda thought she might bring sandwiches... Then a private tour of the old Courthouse Museum, which Paul said he didn't think he'd do, and I've been there enough that I know pretty much the rooms. (They have worked hard refurbishing and increasing collections, though; but I'm not climbing those steps to the old court room!) Eddie said he would get a brass marker for the old candy case from the store, and if that's been done (he was in Paul's class), I'll go see it, maybe. Or another time. Then we eat Dutch treat at Homestead and The Playboys will play some - a band from Paul's class and one more from another. There are 4 of us girls from our class who married guys in Paul's. Well, there's me and Paul, Susie and Jim, Sandra and Glen, and Fredda and Sam. Then there's my first cousin Salinda who married Richard. Aren't we a tight-knit bunch! I love it!

Well, I've sent myself pictures of Paul and Amy with the Tiger but they're not in the email yet (from the phone camera) to post yet. It's late and I'm going to bed. They'll have their own special post. Father's Day is Sunday.

Thank you, Paul, for being such a great Dad. I know you're so proud of Amy. 

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