Friday, May 02, 2014


For keeping this blog going; loving journaling; writing I haven't done so well lately.

Aunt Ginny got her cast, boot and "corset/brace" off, she's had fractures in her spine which are getting well on their own, but she is weak, has had 2 UTIs, isn't eating well... The family has and is doing for her as able; her lady she pays to clean her house and do laundry had knee replacement surgery this week. Paul put a stop to my going and doing except to visit which I have to confess I don't do as much as I should because she always finds things for me to do, which had taken a toll on me. 

My heart rhythm has been off for about a month, I had a stress test this past Tuesday, and am wearing a 21-day heart monitor. Dr. Johnson has mentioned another ablation but we will discuss hat June 3. When I overdo, am on my feet a lot or bend over and strain as in bottom shelf of grocery store (!) my blood pressure spikes. I'm glad to say the stress test was "absolutely normal" which was good news. I had not had the rhythm breakthrough in many months until I just ran out of steam and began having the heart-pounding episodes two or three times a week. If I don't overdo it is good; but there is a line which I'm beginning to distinguish beyond which I cannot go. I'm not sure what the out one will be, but walking a tightrope isn't fun and an ablation would be 60-80% successful & according to Dr J, I would benefit from it. I'm not sure that's what he'll recommend; possibly medicine change, but even with a change or addition of another one or increase BP med, I'm still gonna feel tired from that.

We got to see Amy-she came to the clinic; we had lunch at Perkins. She totally surprised me with a beautiful Pandora bracelet for Mother's Day. The bets part was seeing her. She has job decisions to make, which to me is a no-brainer, since what she has been offered is her "dream job." But at this point she doesn't know what Dream Job will pay and uncertain about benefits; but join the population - have to get it on the open market. Maybe Dream Job will offer compensation for that expense if they don't or can't offer benefits - small group. Expensive.

It's been a beautiful spring. The tornadoes last weekend were horrible for so many. Vilonia, AR, was wiped out this time, having been hit 3 years and 2 days previously. Tupelo. Storms over Montgomery. 24" of rain in Pensacola in 24 hours. Mel and family ok.

Charlotte and I drove to Montgomery two weeks go for the weekend with Sher, and attended the play "To Kill a Mockingbird" in Monroeville, 2 hrs south of Montgomery. Was proud of the fact that we drove-a 4-hr drive and I drove I65 around Birmingham! Charlotte took the wheel to Cullman going and drove from there home on the return.

Sher has been assigned a job in Washington, D.C. And is trying to finish schoolwork, rent her PC house, move out of her rental house in Montgomery... She will be here for a last visit the last weekend in May, with family and friends' pizza party May 31. Amy won't get to come, I already know. Work. Not sure about Jordan. Sher's going to Melanie's next weekend for Mother's Day.

Pretty much covered the month, highlights.

Lucy in the Leaves won 2nd place in photography contest at state GFWC-MFWC convention!

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