Saturday, March 01, 2014


As Paul and I were about to get ready for the trip to Tupelo yesterday morning, his doctor's office called and said the biopsy he had done last Friday was NEGATIVE! Praise God! We were encouraged by what the doctor said at the time of the test, but still, you don't know until you know. We didn't have to go to Tupelo after all and he has to follow up in six months. 

Aunt Ginny is doing well. Her x-ray on Wednesday showed the ankle bone still stable and she doesn't have to return for three weeks. 

Now that things have settled down somewhat, I do need to go see about these two teeth. I have a cleaning appointment on the 12th, so I'd like to tell Dr. Gillespie I at least have appointments (or working on them.) I need to see the oral surgeon and orthodontist hopefully the same day. State of my bones (for possible implant) and extent of braces on bottom... or another implant. I do not want a root canal. I really don't want a partial or whatever it's called - I had not thought of it de-stabilizing abutting teeth, but did know that those teeth have to be filed down if caps are put on. I just don't want to be caught with a broken tooth or an absess. Abcess. Abccess. I don't know how to spell it. Abscess. Guess that's right; it isn't underlined in red.

Have done the bare minimum this week, and been fine with it. Housework, that is. I've cooked more lately; take Aunt Ginny supper or lunch 3-4 times a week. Get her mail. Call and check on her. She asked the doctor about driving! Driving! He very calmly said he didn't think that was a good idea. She doesn't realize how much she would use her left foot, plus getting in and out of the vehicle alone, plus dealing with the walker alone. This Wednesday Paul and I are taking her to Savannah to eat lunch with Tommy. An outing.

Haven't heard anything about my truck. Probably be another three weeks or so. Waiting...

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