Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I can't seem to get used to my oven baking/cooking so hot. I practically burned a pecan pie today - I surely can't eat it - it would pull out my crowns and fillings. But I made ham/cheese sandwiches for the Thanksgiving Community service/fellowship last night (at which Paul and I had kitchen duty and we really enjoy working with everyone - talk about holiday traditions past and how at least three of the "oldest kids" now are expected to have everyone over (Brenda L, Sandra R and me). How our mothers killed chickens for that day's dinner, how we miss sleeping every and anywhere in little homes, sweet homes...

So this week I've been busy, too, with getting ready for our Sunday School party next Thursday night. (I still need to get an ornament for the Left-Wright gift exchange... Maybe Paul and I will go to Florence one day next week. First we have to see who has a doctor's appointment. Just kidding. But not really - I do have one on the fourth!)

Cactus is waning, but another is blooming (Mama Nick's) and the bromeliad Charlotte gave me has three long blossoms on it - great Thanksgiving/season gifts from the Great Gardener! They have been bright spots and are special because they were given to or passed on to me.

Candy Cane story - first time I heard this was from Polly Jones with whom I worked at Woodruff - she was there when I was hired.
Mama's cactus - it's grown a lot this year and is beautiful.


 Mama Nick's cactus. 
 Aunt Margaret's. It's as if they just put forth an extra effort this year. They're in all ranges of pink - from salmon, to coral, to almost lavendar/fuschia. Thank You, God - You're the Greatest Artist!
Even the gold has fallen in a beautiful circle. Practically all the color is gone from trees. It's been bitter cold the last couple of nights.

And the surprise bromeliad... Another beautiful shade of pink.
Today was a busy day in the kitchen.

 All these were Mama Nick's.

Making peanut butter filled brownies. Vanilla from Mexico. Recipe on Facebook.

I should have cooked these a couple minutes less, too.

Certain sun is lovely to catch.

Naptime for Oscar. I gave him a much-needed bath today.

Long eyelashes.

Frank. We are probably, oh, about fourth cousins twice removed or such. His mother married a Wadkins, which is my Grandma Goobie's maiden name, all of a tree. Remember him as a tan little boy running around the gravel roads at Oldham. His mom was a jewel - literally - her name was Jewel.

Some of the crowd going through the food line after the service last night.Love these people.

Downtown Jay Bird Park. Library used to be near this sign, and I worked there.

Gazebo and JB Park.

And our sweet Tuesday - six days old - home now. Here she looks so much like Benjamin when he ws a baby. So pretty. Yes, it's love!

Some sleep now. In the morning - mac and cheese to make, okra to fry, sweet potato casserole to warm. Aunt Ginny "checked in" this evening - has all her food ready - David picked up her turkey breast and ham today from PW (Marsha). It'll be good - Marsha's an excellent cook. Erica is cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner; Steve is going there; Mike and Marsha going to her folks in Alabama; Amy and Matt here tomorrow. Sher in Georgia at Nina's, going on hiking trip tomorrow. It is wonderful to be outdoors, but not in 30<> weather and windy and just doggone cold! I'm glad she enjoys it. Paul going to Egg Bowl tomorrow night. President Obama pardoned the Thanksgiving Turkey today - (Popcorn is his name - a solid white turkey - beautiful!) A joke the president made, "It just goes to show you that a turkey with a strange name can make it in politics." I have to say, with all that's gone on with Obamacare, and who knows the whole story... he does keep his cool and have a sense of humor. History will tell.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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