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Who knew when I started this blog in January 2006, that way down the road here I'd be writing about selling homemade ice cream in Iuka!

Heritage Day was last Saturday and I've just gotten around to those pictures - ordered some from Shutterfly for our club scrapbook, myself and some extras of folks who might want them. 

Some of the group started as early as 6:30 setting up; I got to Mineral Springs Park a little after 8:00. If this year's sales is anything like last's, we probably sold around 60 freezers of ice cream! People waited in line for it to freeze! It was good - we save the last container for US! We also had white beans and cornbread (didn't sell as much of that this year - too hot I guess), dill pickles, sausage and biscuits. We sold one of two jars of pickles and all the S/B.

Zenobia Oaks; class of '66 classmates Fredda McCune, Brenda Whitfield and me; Maxine Wade, Sue Kerby, Jo Russell, Ruth Ellen Cox. We all look very patriotic! (Photo on Ruth Ellen's Camera)

Maxine and Bren - part of the "freezer crew." (Photo by Ruth Ellen)

Patience... So many waited patiently anticipating homemade vanilla ice cream, a tradition of the 20th Century Club for many years.

Ahhh! Reward! Jo scoops up a full cup for the little lady.

Miss Z was an efficient and friendly cashier; made our jobs so much easier. May I say this sweet lady is 93 - and she stayed all day! One of the reasons I didn't tuck it in and go home!

Miss Z. Her cane has pink roses on it. (Mama bought one that was red swirled and I have it. If you gotta have one, get a pretty one! Art and practicality! Form and function!)

Ruth Ellen and Sue. RE comes from Eads every month to our meetings. She's the real photographer! 


Sam (Paul's class!) built the cord/outlet board. (Somehow it all comes back to our Classes! Love it!) (Photo by Ruth Ellen)

 Sam (Fredda's husband) and clearer picture of the board. Brenda getting salt ready.

A container held about 10-12 6-ounce cups of ice cream. We filled them full, too.

Adding ice and salt. These freezers ran for more than 8 hours with only short rests while being scooped from!

Brenda's little red wagon came in handy. Took lots of ice. I know she made three trips at least to the ice machine. A trooper - our newest member. So glad! My VBF from high school! 

I looked up and there was Judy! She and Darrell have moved to Eads, also, where Ruth Ellen lives. He had brought his 1940 Ford convertible to the antique car show which was held uptown. (Paul worked there.) So good to see them! They had not met RE, but she wanted their phone number later when I told her they were "neighbors."

So great how occasions bring people together. Haven't seen them in at least two years. She's a retired teacher; Darrell was the principal at Wynne High School, then the school superintendent, therefore, Paul's "administrator." 

Me with Sarah Philbin Foust - she was in Paul's class - we rode the same school bus. I had not seen her probably since their last class reunion or possibly the time we ran into each other in a Memphis doctor's office. (This is my "scrunched" hair and yes, all my natural curl, made even more so by the humidity!)

Paul and his 1972 Ford. He has glass pack mufflers and you can hear this all the way up the highway, which is off our road a mile away. 

Other tents. The entire walkway of the park was line with tents, exhibits, concessions.

Our little Ruth Ellen - Glenda's granddaughter. (All this seems as if I've written it before; maybe on Facebook? \)

Native American dancers I think a Cherokee chief. I was passing by and didn't get details.

Our club member Joy and her husband Dr. Ben Kitchens. He portrayed Colonel John M. Stone, later Mississippi's governor in 1877. His mother was a Broughton, some of Paul's relatives.

My cousin Hosea Thorne and his wife Peggy. Sweet dear people. They have this year's Iuka Car Club shirts on. Came by to cool off with ice cream.

Brenda and Tuck try a jig to the Indian drums. Vicky urges him on. Tuck, Sam, Frankie and others work so hard helping us.

Paul's brother David and his wife Sandra. He portrayed Iuka's first mayor Demosthenes Davis. Since there are Davises in their family, he could well be related; he was also Iuka's real mayor for 12 years, some concurrent with Paul's terms. Sandra's beautiful dress was made by a local seamstress, who unfortunately in just a short time since Heritage Day has been hospitalized.

Billy and Jenni Nichols Tucker (David's youngest daughter). He is a reenactor - the "hosting" town wears the blue colors, I think. He's a Mississippi State grad and she is in veterinary school there.

Our member Nancy Daugherty passed away over a year ago and this little baby girl is her great-granddaughter. Nancy would be happy to know she's enjoying some of that good ice cream. The young lady is Nancy's granddaughter-in-law.

A long line of folks wait - and they did several times. I think it would be a good idea to cordon off a line or two so we could know who is next; but everyone was kind and polite, even in the heat, waiting patiently. One lady bought a cup and paid for a refill - she did return later and of course the long-time members knew who she was and filled it back up. Several people bought two cups - including Amy!

You can see this Southern Belle is a bit "damp." Good picture of her and Matt! Oh my goodness - you know how people who've been together so long start to favor!?

'Bout to cool off a little.

Bren with Andrew and Alex, her middle and youngest grandsons. (I brought the fan; it helped so much, also the huge shade trees in the park. Uh, which I didn't bring... ha) Alex is in first grade and a "Classmate" of Kiley!

Miss Heritage (yellow) in the promenade. David is visible way back with the red vest. 

Sweet Vicky, Jo's daughter. Loved her "Harley Girl" cap!

Still at it. Maxine is taking a break and eating some! The freezers were in the sun a good bit of the day - dappled shade like this. I asked one of the older members if Heritage Day had ever been rained out and she said no. Always hot.

The Indian dancers, in the sun as well. The drums went on for some time - I dont' know how they stood the heat. Sue and I heard the beat so long we began bobbing our heads and I told her I'd look for her to be doing that in choir the next morning. (As it turned out, Paul and I weren't in church service - we'd forgotten the date of the BBQ we were having and we're on kitchen committee - so that's where we were - helping get dishes ready!)

Classmate Harold Lomenick in the uniform.

"You got that?" "I got that."

"General and Mrs. U. S. Grant." This is the 151st anniversary of the Battle of Iuka - the reenactment was the next day - Sunday afternoon. Last year we could hear the cannons firing from several miles away over on Chicken Run Road (North Pearl Extended), but didn't notice this year.

Gazebo near where we were.

Trying to get the whole line-up.

Friends - Grace Long and Villa Mae Ledgewood talking to Frankie Beard, Fredda's sister. Grace and Villa Mae are in the Bible study group I'm in, except I'm not doing it this time. Really miss them, though.

Our club president Jo.  

I was hot - I had a "neck fan" and one of the Frogg Togs (a cooling cloth similar to a chamois). If I'd had to wear a dress like this, I would have had to rig up some cooling equipment underneath!

Taking a break. I sat out about thirty minutes once right after lunch (some of our beans and cornbread) - was just too hot and got shaky. But I made it - as did all the other workers. Somehow we all got second winds!

As Sue's shirt says, "A Good Time With A Purpose!" This is one of our big fund raisers - what we make goes back into the community.

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