Thursday, August 30, 2012


Weeks go by at a leisurely pace, the days roll into one another, and before I know it, another Thursday, or Friday, or whatever day has come again.

Monday Amy twisted her ankle (at work, helping load or unload a gurney, I'm not sure which), and like me, three years ago, she knew, something wasn't right. After a visit to the quick med and referral to Campbell Clinic, it was confirmed what she feared - fractured ankle. Fractured right ankle. She opted for a boot instead of a cast. We're not sure at this point how she will manage to drive herself to work, much less work, because she's on her feet in the prep room. So far she hasn't had to take a lot of pain medication... doctor said it would take 6-8 weeks to heal, at least 6 months to be "pain-free." Yes, I know - after 3 years, many days I'm not pain-free, but I'm so thankful she didn't break a bone into, have to have surgery, or pins and plates!

My latest project has been typing our 20th Century Club yearbook (which actually covers 2 years). I started last Tuesday, Jo and I finished with corrections, page-numbering, table of contents and final copy ready for printing yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed it - it was the first such project I've done since retiring. I learned a lot about the club, too.  It's been in existence since 1935. Bruce, MS, has several state officers, (Norma). Jo said there are two clubs there.

Earlier in the week another friend and I prepared the fellowship hall tables for the monthly Young at Heart potluck and program. She brought magnolia branches and I took a half dozen of my pitchers to put them in - quick, simple. We had a good crowd this time. One of the members (77 year-old man) asked his mother (96) to come speak - she told us about several trips to Europe when she was in her 80's! Made me feel wimpy.

Yesterday afternoon a mother-son cabinet-building team came and measured the kitchen and bathrooms for some major and semi-major work - all the bottom kitchen cabinets to be replaced (drawers below instead of cabinets, except in the middle under the sink), top cabinet boxes refaced, new doors for utility room cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and drawers in the bathrooms, too. Paul will have some painting to do... I know he's so happy about that. Last night we went to Lowe's and bought a new sink and faucet. One side of the sink is larger than the other - better for bathing Oscar. The faucet/sprayer will be offset behind the smaller sink well. Some of the upper cabinet doors will have antique seeded glass, which I've really liked ever since I saw them in some of Sher's cabinets in San Antonio. Bottom cabinets are in pretty bad shape. In fact, Paul had to brace up the bottom right ones with a board, holding them intact and together. The cornice board above the window will be wider, hiding the light behind it; will also be straight but with beveled arch. Both sets of cabinets on either side and all the small top ones above sink will have the glass. I overlook the popcorn ceilings. Just not dealing with that now - not a job for us. Just don't look up! Some other things we're not dealing with and I'm content to say that it's part of the charm of the house - wallpaper. It isn't terrible. So thankful Mama Nick chose a nice neutral washable vinyl. So many people want the "old things;" we truly have them! (I'm thankful to have a nice tight roof. I'm thankful for all our sweet house. I'm also thankful at this stage in our lives we can do some of the things we have dreamed about...)

Did I mention Sher had been here? I think so. That week went by so fast. The plan is for me to go at the end of October to visit her for about 3 weeks.

This weekend is Heritage Day in Iuka - everyone in town is sprucing up, mowing, trimming, painting - expecting a huge crowd. (We'd thought we would get rain from Isaac, but so far - none. Panama City and Pensacola were mercifully spared. New Orleans is in much better shape than with Katrina, thank God. I just looked at the weather map and by early afternoon we probably will get something from the storm. By the time it gets here it seems to be disapating pretty fast.) Our old friends Frank and Martha plan to be in town for the Battle of Iuka reenactment (he's a history buff, which I didn't know till she said they'd be here). Hopefully, we'll get to see them Saturday afternoon.  Paul will have a station at the car club/old cars; I'll be helping with ice cream, beans/cornbread.

We will see how Amy's work-week goes - this is not her scheduled weekend off - I want to go see her, but we'll see how it goes. I asked if there was anything we could do and she said no. And there's really not - we talk or text every day, and she's been sleeping a lot. She's keeping her boot on unless she showers or "lets her toes breathe." I know it's so very inconvenient and as with anything related to workers' comp needs to be documented to the nth degree.

This is Lucy - wouldn't you like to be able to sleep like a cat??

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