Thursday, July 26, 2012


The signs are all over: just now a commercial for Kingsford charcoal - "Slow down and grill." Aunt Ginny told me the spring doesn't always wind back up. I've had two heart racing episodes at night in the last couple of weeks - I'm sure it's over-doing and stress. Now that the window sills (sanded and several coats of water-base varnish) and at least one coat on the facings are all done, there are no other "pressing" projects. Sister Sher is coming the first weekend in August for about ten or eleven days. All we want to do is watch the Olympics, go see the movie "Hope Springs," and eat meat loaf, white beans, creamed potatoes and banana pudding. She is ordering some grass fed steaks for us for a treat and see just how different they taste and we'll grill out some. Her birthday is the fourth and we'll celebrate that with family, here probably. There are boxes of Mama's things to look through, some short videos she and I want to see of Mama making biscuits and standing on her front porch, and her 50th birthday CD. (I think they'll play in my laptop - my desktop is still in the shop, but that's another story). We want to watch "Joe vs the Volcano," one of our favorite movies. Then there may be a girls' brunch; seeing friends Diane and Carolyn in Alabama. We'll have quite enough to do. I love it when we're together. And to think she lived in Columbus, only about 2 1/2 hours away just 3 years ago.... Who knew?

Paul has started painting the house shutters - when wet, the paint is Red. It dries to a pretty maroon color (Who-Who-Who Let the Dogs Out?) and the four he has up look so good. He also had more "crusher run" (crushed granite/gray gravel) put on his garage driveway all the way to the road.

We stay busy. But now I'm ready to retire again! We've done quite a lot in the last year and until we get the kitchen cabinets and other kitchen updates done probably this fall when it cools off, I'm d.o.n.e. Done. DONE. I have a typing project, but that's sitting down and rquires mental acuity (I still have some). But that won't be until after Sher leaves. And if I ever get my computer back. I'm beginning to wonder about it...

Tomorrow night Olympic Opening Ceremonies - I told Marsha for her and Mike (and whoever's there) to come and we'd watch together, have pizza. Morgan usually comes sometime during the weekend. I've got to get my Tyler birthday pictures uploaded or copied for her. Kodak wouldn't recognize my email and I get email from them all the time. I couldn't login to upload for her. Oh, yes - that was s.l.o.w.d.o.w.n...

And now it's off to bed.

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