Friday, March 09, 2012


Paul and I actually agreed, and very quickly, on flooring for the house. It has to be ordered and it takes about a week to arrive, then to be scheduled for installation. Of course, that means Every Thing has to be moved - again. But it will be worth it. We just have to move the "little stuff." There's not a small amount of little stuff. This includes all the books that were left after I purged over 200 (given to libraries), crafts, china in cabinet, oh the computer!, filing cabinets!, surely there's an app for that. Yes, the installers move the big stuff; file cabinets, buffet and piano qualify, as well as the furniture, hall tree, beds. Glory be! Little stuff doesn't seems so bad! But this, too, shall pass. And it will be done and will give this wonderful old house a beautiful facelift! So here are the samples:

And guess what? They are both vinyl, not stone nor wood. The stone (light) is Tarkett; the wood is Mannington. I really had wanted wood (manufactured wood) but because of the house construction (presswood under the carpet) it was not advised. It can cause it to buckle and bow. I had a piece of real wood beside this and you can not tell the difference. They install it in many of the "big" Pickwick homes, so it's substantial and classic. I can hardly wait! As Amy, Sher and I say, "I'm so 'cited!"

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