Monday, May 30, 2011


Amy moved back to Memphis yesterday. She'll be only 30 minutes away from work and have half the expenses of a full-out apartment. She's sharing one with her co-worker Kristee.  Paul hired someone to help load and unload her bedroom furniture and Amy had a friend who helped also. I didn't make the trip to Memphis. I stayed home and vacuumed her room and cleaned out the closet.  Later in the day she sent pictures of her bed all set up, made up... And she has a view of a small lake.  And she's homesick for us and her babies - Lucy and Tommy! Have to smile at that. Although there were time we would only see her for minutes a day and sometimes not for a couple of days, depending on her work schedule, it just makes a difference to move.  I'm sure I'll have those same feelings once we leave.

I don't know when I've seen her room empty... But it didn't stay that way long after I started cleaning the closet... That's extra space to stack boxes until it's time to move them permanently.

I have a stack of boxes and things to take home with us Friday. A couple of "prizes" for Sher. I think she knows one of them. Today I'm trying to round up odds and ends, things that have been set aside or that go with another something, so they'll be with each other.  Paul is working in the garage. I forgot about the living room closet, which has our coats, some games... (Am I really going to keep Trivial Pursuit? I don't know yet...)  There will be no yard sale. Things that are in good shape will either be given away or donated. Women on Mission will have another sale this fall and I've designated some items for that, already two bags of clothes, shoes, belts. (When have I even worn a belt?)

Late yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the swing with Paul and out of the blue, a migraine started. It doesn't start with pain - but the fuzzy, squiggly light at the edge of either eye, this time the right one. I haven't had one since late last summer. I immediately went inside, took some med I had, and lay down.  Within about 45 minutes it was gone, but my eye is touchy and sore this morning. I realized that I don't have them in winter. Maybe it's heat-related, most certainly it could be stress-related. 

So I have to close this out now because looking at the screen makes my eye and head hurt!  I did use some eye drops this morning that my ophthalmologist gave me, a mild antiseptic and shield against glare I guess, anyway, I sometimes use it when I go to Walmart. So I just need to get away from bright lights now...

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