Friday, April 08, 2011


I remember a couple of years ago telling my opthalmologist that sometimes it seems my eyes don't keep up with what I'm seeing/looking at. 

Now it's worse.

Maybe it's the migraines I had last fall. I notice it a lot more.  It isn't like vertigo, although I've had that, and unless you're just a glutton for tilt-a-whirls, merry-go-rounds and roller-coasters, it isn't fun. Anyway, I've been trying to track down the cause of this strange feeling, especially with fairly rapid head movement, like looking both ways at traffic before pulling out, or driving with the peripheral scenery flying by, or curvy roads, or hills, or sometimes reading, and sometimes just being on the computer.  Fluorescent lights and bright lights. And movement. Ironically, the last few days have been better, but I went on to the ENT doctor anyway.  My hearing is fine. (The human body is a fine-tuned delicate instrument and only God could have orchestrated such a balanced machine, not "chance." Everything affects everything else. Even hearing.) So Monday I'm having that long-worded test which takes about twenty minutes.  After watching a short video on YouTube, I can see why you should not eat at least four hours prior to having it.  You would have to have your little barf bag with you... 

So I try to avoid or stay short periods of time in "big box" stores like Walmart where there are megawatts of fluorescent lights, and 99% of the time wear sunglasses when outdoors.  And I'm not on the computer as much, although I do use my iPhone quite a bit, but the screen is small.. (I should dim the screen here...)

And "they" are going to stop making incandescent lights next year, so I've heard.  In view of that fact or rumor, I've bought several plain old light bulbs. 

Don't even mention LED lights...

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