Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I had to put up a new hit counter - my Alabama Jones stopped working for some reason - anyway, thank all of you who viewed approximately 10,000 times.  I see this morning I've had 12 or 13...  Thanks for stopping by.

I slept later than usual today. Now I need to get up and get busy. It just takes longer to do things I used to, more effort, more Arthur(itis).  Vacuuming is a high priority today, but that includes everything, not just a little hit of Swiffer here and there.  Lucy and Tommy are no trouble, but they refuse to sweep up their hair!

Was very sorry to hear about Elizabeth Taylor's death. She was a really beautiful and strong woman. Such a stormy life; as one article said she was famous for being famous. Below: 1930's with her brother.

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