Thursday, February 10, 2011


The ten-hour snow delivered about four inches and iced over the roads. Siloam Springs, over on the Oklahoma border, had 24 inches! I don't supposed I've ever enjoyed a snow as much as this unless it was when I was in school and we'd have snow days. Of course, we never had snow days at work. Now it's so calming to just sit and gaze at the drifting flakes silencing everything. There was almost a white-out yesterday it was so thick at times. Just hope everyone is safe and sound.

Lucy and Oscar watching the birds at the feeders.

Amy had a call from Forrest City for a job and bravely went on, made the removal, did the prep work and made it home just fine, although it was nerve-wracking to drive in it. Her employer was very thankful and impressed that she chose to go in spite of the terrible weather. (Amy was almost there when Mrs. Morgan said she should go home; but Amy wanted to try - and made it.) We were proud of her, too. She hasn't had a call from Memphis; I don't think she could get there anyway.

This morning I decided to make the chocolate truffles for the Cross County Library Chocolate Feast Monday. (Call 238-3850 to place your order if you haven't already. They may still be taking orders. The proceeds go for a good cause - our library!) I'll have to keep them cool - they're a bit softer than I thought. I'm sure it's the whipping cream that's in the melted/beaten semi-sweet chocolate. It was an easy recipe but just took time - 125 pieces.

The computer store (Anyway) called about a couple of programs on my computer that can't be transferred over to my new hard drive - Family Tree Maker and ACDSee. I decided I'd just start learning to use PhotoShop and I have FTM backed up and will do something about program disks later.

Paul has been working in the garage - I'm so glad he has his shop to putz around in. He enjoys it and keeps busy. He did get out for an errand this morning and said the streets are iced over. Tara has planned a birthday party for Emmy on Saturday - I haven't heard if it's still on. It is supposed to warm up; just hope the major highways as passable.

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