Thursday, February 24, 2011


Installed today: new hard drive, with "all the memory you'll ever need," as they say. My old computer lasted about ten years. It was due for some upgrades, but a better solution was a new hard drive. It is fast, very fast, which is great. We had to sit and wait on the old one, even at DSL, it was almost like the old dial-up. Thankful the technician installed everything, including climbing around under the computer desk tracking down cords hidden in the dust bunnies. Like refrigeragors (mine anyway) the computer desk doesn't get pulled out often for vacuuming.

Oscar gets to have a grooming tomorrow.  I purposely let his hair grow this winter, but now it's time to trim it all off.  I kept his face, tail, etc., trimmed, but he's due for an overall good cut. 

There is a funeral tomorrow - the mother of the secretary at the street and sanitation department (Carol) died Monday and her funeral is at 2 tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon Amy and I are going to meet my friend Ruby in Forrest City, drive on to Memphis and go to Davis-Kidd Bookstore to Ree Drummond's book signing. (Pioneer Woman)

Then there is a bridal shower for Kirk's fiance at church at 10:00 on Saturday morning. I look forward to meeting her. (Kirk was on a two-year mission trip to East Asia and has been back in the states not quite a year.)

Sometime in the next few days I plan to visit Iuka and do some work at Mama Nick's house. Maybe I'll go Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon, or Monday morning.

Just seeing how the pictures already on file download - pretty much the same.  Here's an oldie: a future mayor feeding a future doctor. You know it's the '70's - look at all the gold and green! Amy's rocking horse in the background under the window. A pumpkin outside the window on the half-wall, surely fall of the year.