Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We left Sher's house Sunday morning about 7:00 and arrived home around 5:30 PM. So good to be home! But so miss my sister. I think Oscar misses Bailey; Sher said Bailey has stopped playing...

Lots to unpack and put away. Paul said next trip, I'm allowed only one suitcase. Maybe a steamer trunk?

Paul got to PC Thursday night, Melanie, Nate and Kevin arrived Friday night. Sher and I had baked pies and bread Friday, so Saturday we finished up our early Thanksgiving dinner and ate around 2:30. Bonnie from next door joined us; later that night we sat on the deck watching the fire in the chimnea.

Sunday was a pleasant day's drive (Paul drove!) with just a sprinkle of rain; mostly sunny all the way home. Monday I started unpacking and going through six weeks' worth of mail... Mostly junk. Paul had done some but doesn't know what to throw out like I do.

Paul is going to the last (home/Starkville) football came vs Arkansas this weekend. We'll probably stay at Mama Nick's house; it's nearer for him to drive there after the game, which is a night one this time. Mama Nick is doing well but is still at the assisted living center. She went just after I went to Sher's, around the second week of October. I hope Amy will get to go to the ballgame, too.

My cousin Edwina's mother (Aunt Reba) has had to go into a nursing home in Iuka, just in the last week. She had fallen at home.

And Morgan, our niece, and her husband Steven are expecting - in July! It's been three years since we've had a baby in the family. (Andy and Erica's little girl Kiley; and they live in Texas...)

The computer screen looks huge after using my iPhone for everything while I was gone. It's good to be typing with all nine fingers again. (I never realized that you don't use your left thumb to type!) Tons and tons of pictures; another project entirely... But now I can use pictures!

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