Saturday, October 02, 2010


The dry summer has contributed more leaves early on and the yard has been covered with them. So this morning Paul rounded up the first batch, mowing and mulching with the ridinw mower. Dust abounds, too, so it was a dirty job. The yard will be leafless for a couple of days, until the real fall leaves begin to swirl down.

Oscar and I slept really late this morning - almost 9:00. Most of my cold is now in my ears, for they ring and feel stuffy. I'm taking Allegra anyway, so maybe it kept the allergies from being as severe.

Packing boxes and bags for my trip! Sher said they don't have stores there, so, you know, I better take what I need, or think I'll need... This morning she texted me and asked me to bring some of my Real Simple and Mary Jane's Farm magazines. Some things will be way outdated or ruin before I get back. Jean is coming Monday for some buttermilk and creamer that's still good. I have some pretty little eggplants I need to cook, or may just take them with us in a cooler. My eye drops have to be refrigerated anyway... I'm taking my portable sewing machine and some fabrics for aprons; and my breadmaker so we can experiment with it. It will be cool even in Panama City, so I dragged out my old green heavy terry cloth housecoat to take with me. I'll have a "suite" on the opposite side of the living room from Sher - bedroom and bath - it's cozy. I'm looking forward to spending time with her - but I will miss Paul. He's the best for being so generous with my being gone. We enjoy doing our separate things, so it works fine. I wonder how I'd feel if he were going somewhere for six weeks and I know if it were something he really wanted to do and spend time with, say, his brother, I'd be fine with it. Of course now we stay in touch so easily by phone, text and email...
I made soup and put in the crock pot - real homemade soup because I didn't have any Veg-All. I cut up carrots, onions and potatoes, added canned corn and kidney beans, stewed tomatoes. Hope it all simmers deliciously; with cornbread, that'll be our supper and probably dinner tomorrow.

Quiet Saturday: Paul's napping on the couch, a football game in the background (Ole Miss/Kentucky, Ole Miss leads 28-17), Oscar's napping on his rug in the kitchen, soup simmering, wind chimes tinkling on the carport, sun shining... I wish it were this peaceful all over the world. So many blessings.

Earlier this week, Paul attended the groundbreaking of the Birdeye Veterans' Cemetery at Birdeye. This is one of Paul and Governor Beebe greeting each other. There are several other pictures here.

Not sure how regular blogging will be while I'm at Sher's; I can probably do some on my iPhone. Sher uses her iPhone as her computer; her laptop was on the blink, not sure about her desktop. Anyway, it's a vacation, but I'll try to write some.


My little Grandma Goobie died 23 years ago today. I still miss her.

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