Friday, September 24, 2010


This morning I moved things off the floor in the laundry/storage room so I could vacuum and mop. I keep potatoes in a little basket and there were a couple of sweet potatoes on top. All this stuff I set on top of the freezer, and then, THUD. I knew immediately that one of the potatoes had rolled off behind the freezer.

The freezer is about 40 years old and is still a functioning appliance. A Coldspot from Sears. So this freezer has been in the utility room since we've lived in this house - nearly 37 years. It can't be moved so I had no idea what was under it. Until today, and now I have a clue. I knew I had to get that potato, because nothing smells worse than a rotten potato, at least that I've experienced.

I can tell you that 1) an old body can contort when it has to; 2) you can find all manner of things you thought were lost; 3) you will pray that while you're poking around behind it that nothing leaps out at you, like a wolf spider; 4) you can vacuum and hold a flashlight at the same time while sitting as cross-legged as possible on top of the freezer; 5) you hope you don't drop the flashlight and have to fish it out; 6) you could find a cord which is attached to freezer, but not into the wall, and are relieved to learn that no wonder the light in the freezer has never worked.

Rescued: one sweet potato, one can of spray starch, one rolled up pair of socks, a bath cloth, and a net laundry bag. A cobwebless space behind a freezer that's as good as set in concrete: priceless.

But I'm not going to mop behind there...

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