Thursday, August 05, 2010


I got a new phone today. I started out to get an iPhone, but Jen informed me that in case of any major technical problems, it is an Apple product and it would have to be taken to Memphis (or Little Rock). So the BB will do what I want and more, I'm sure, and that's what I got. So far I'm pleased with it.

While I was out in the heat, I went to Walmart, just across the street from Apex, and got that bit of shopping done, and did get out spending less than $100. And still forgot a few things. I keep a running list on the refrigerator. I haven't become familiar enough with the phone notepad to start keeping a list on it. Remember Palm Pilots? Do they still make them?

When I was little I remember wishing I had little people-dolls about the size of salt/pepper shakers. It occurred to me today that the graphics on the cell phones of today are not far from that sort of plaything. But they aren't 3D - yet. I suppose that'll be the next thing - 3D cell phones. Or are they already out there?

Many of us have been reminiscing on Facebook about high school days and teachers. I remember Shirley R having her little transistor radio hooked up underneath her hair in the home ec room during class. Mrs. Gaines came along and asked her, "What are you wired up to?" Nothing got past her. Who would have thought we'd ever see such as mobile phones that could access the internet. Who would have thought we'd ever see such a thing as internet? Who would have thought... And so much of this technology wasn't even around 15 years ago! Remember bag phones?? Sometime in the future, we'll probably put some little electronic button on our temples and be able to transport pictures, thoughts, messages....

Mr. Watson, come here... I want to see you!

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