Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Becky had another retirement party last night at Mike's, which was fun and well attended by more of the office and spouses. There were probably 40 or more there and everyone stayed around and visited, seeming reluctant to leave. I know it's always good to see everyone and catch up on families' news. Her son Adam, daughter-in-law Stephanie and baby Max surprised her by coming.

This is Beck's husband Wally with Max.

Sher and Amy each said they'd like to have aprons. I had this fabric from a project I started and didn't like the way it was going, so I used it. Oscar gets right under the ironing board when I do my pressing, but then I'm on "his" rug, so... We co-exist peacefully. Actually, he's very laid back all day and pretty quiet, unless someone comes to the door (gnashing and baring of teeth), stops in front of the house or walks by the house (low rumbling), or mows the lawn across the street (intermittent little "whoofs"). He goes to the back door a few times a day and I let him out. Sometimes he suns. Often he tears across the yard as if he's on fire or after the juiciest steak in town. Occasionally he will come to me, especially if I'm seated, and stand on his back legs to be picked up, needing a little TLC and mommy's touch. This morning in the recliner, I rocked him to sleep. On his back.

Oh, this was mostly about aprons...

Sher's - the boating/sailing/water/Florida coast colors...

Amy's, with many pockets; can be used for kitchen or crafting...

And my cousin Salinda and her husband Richard's sweet little granddaughter Amanda, first day of kindergarten. She and her little cousin Daniel are very sweet, loving, friendly children. (Amanda wanted to know, via her mom's Facebook, when she could play with Amy again!) We don't see them often enough. It was at Salinda's that we played Wii tennis. She's very good, as is Daniel.

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