Thursday, July 01, 2010


The weeks didn't go by this fast when I was working! What happened? Well, whatever, I like it this way, even though the days seem to flow on by. They are good days.

I made the placemats for the table today. Rectangle mats don't fit that well on a square table, I fortunately read before cutting. So I made them just a tad off-square. They're not as large as I would have liked, but any longer and the corners would overlap. They're fine for contrast and color. The chair mat sure made sewing so much better, rolling the chair back and forth. I did my cutting on the new table and it was great - just work height for me and no bending over!

I talked to Beck a long time this morning; she's on vacation this week and enjoying her son and granddaughter (from Arizona) being with her and their large family at Heber. She's also counting down the days till she can retire! Then Carolyn called and she and Norma were going to Mike's to eat so I met them there. Wesley was there, too, but was eating with another friend today. When I walked in, there was a table of Woodruff guys - so good to see them!!
Paul had a business lunch today, so for supper I made bacon/tomato sandwiches and we had pie that I'd bought at Mike's: peanut butter for me, chocolate for him. Of course, Oscar had to have tidbits of bacon.

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