Sunday, June 13, 2010


Paul got the air conditioner installed in the garage, replacing the 25 year old plus unit that he got from his brother's office when he remodeled. It was old when he got it. It cools so well and is so much quieter than the old one, and is digital and has a remote control. We got the window (double windows) as clean as possible, and I even climbed up on the work table to lend a hand, forearm and elbow to the task.

Later Paul disassembled the old table in the kitchen and we wrapped all those pieces - table, leaves and legs - in plastic for protection and storage (since it seems no one needs or wants a maple table and chairs at the moment), put the legs on the new table and got it set up. I really like the height - easy to reach the surface, takes up less space seemingly since I can turn it diagonally, and a good work height should I need to use it for that. Still some things to do to that corner of the room: paint the pantry doors, placemats for the table, a bookcase or hutch in a dark wood to replace the old one. (I'd paint it, but it just won't hold the paint, I'm afraid.) Little steps.

Amy was home for the weekend and she and Paul went to Farm Fest for a little while yesterday afternoon. It was soooo hot! But I think FF had a great turn-out and Neall and Becca and all the volunteers who assisted or participated are to be highly commended! I did see all the downtown area Friday when I went to Hairjazz. Lots of activity! I just couldn't tolerate the heat, which I do less and less the older I get.

While they were gone to FF, I grocery-shopped and bought rib eyes; Paul grilled while I made the baked potatoes and sweet corn on the cob! Yummy! He did a great job, pulling the grill to what appears to be shade, but is still about as hot as the drive by the swing where he usually attends it. He and Amy visited on the patio while the steaks cooked.

Amy's neighbor found a kitten which he didn't know what to do with (didn't want to keep!). He'd already contacted the House of Mews (Memphis) and they didn't have room for another orphan at the time. So she has a kitten; brought it home in a pet carrier, which he's been content to stay in, with occasional forays into the big world, atop Amy's shoulder. That's when he cries... Oscar was a little fascinated at first, but then just accepted the fact that there was another animal about.

I usually sit down with the Sunday paper (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette), read and nap; but didn't pick it up until after my nap today, and a headline "Screwtape Heard From - With Apologies to C. S. Lewis" was on the editorial page. I've read Screwtape Letters and CSL is one of my favorite authors so this piqued my interest. As I read, it was obvious this was about Mrs. Lillian Wilson of our community, who was brutally killed in her church, beaten to death with a cross from the communion table, while assembling disaster relief buckets. Obvious evil. An arrest was made last week. It served a double purpose: to honor Miss Lill, as most people called her, and her love of people, her church and community; and to point to the fact that this kind of obvious evil reminds us that there is a real devil. I hope a lot of people read this.

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