Saturday, June 26, 2010


Monday after my CT appointment, this is what Amy and I had for lunch. We took the sandwich home and ate it later... The side salad is all you need, but you have to get a sandwich to get a side salad like this. It's all so fresh and good!

On Wednesday, Jean called and said she and her friend Laura Freeman (middle) from Missouri, formerly of Wynne, were cooking up things in the kitchen and to come on over, bring whatever I had. I did and it was a really good potluck. Charlene (left) and Carol were also there, as well as Ann Russell (right), whom I had not met.

Hostess Jean.


This afternoon, Paul and I attended the 50th wedding anniversary reception for Charles and Mary Frances Hamrick at First Assembly, where we got to congratulate them and see folks at least I haven't seen in a while. (Paul always runs into people he knows out and about.) Charles is one of Wynne's aldermen.

Nell Sanders... She and I worked at Woodruff when I first started there many moons ago...

Joy and Vernon Horton. The sign behind them is only part of the word "seriously!"

Jean and Dick Bonady.

Glen and Carolyn (I've always known her as Carol) Hirons. He's another of Wynne's aldermen.

And look - us!

After the reception, we went to Fitzgerald Baptist Church where Paul performed a wedding ceremony for Jason Andrews and Crystal Lovelace. The groom's face was just beaming, you could just see the joy in it as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. He sang (mouthed) the words to one of their chosen songs, and they both cried. I thought of all the years ahead, and thought back to the Hamricks' years of marriage past and ahead, and of mine and Paul's. What the young couple will face, embrace, endure, celebrate together. And I cried a little, too. It goes by so fast.
One of the sweetest moments of the ceremony was when the bride and groom handed their mothers roses, and he gave her two daughters a rose apiece... Very special moments. His brother is Danny, with whom I worked at WECC; Danny being at the Augusta office.


This morning I was up by 6:30 and hemmed the tablecloth, then cut off a pair of old pants to make capris. I helped Paul with the pantry doors by ironing on strips of birch finishing strips along the edges. There's an app for that... even in hardware.

Amy is feeling better.

Iuka got rain yesterday and today; and it cooled off here this afternoon, at least less humidity.

I talked to sister while she was on one of her long walks, just chit-chat, sister stuff.

Edwina called and wants me to go with her to Russellville, Alabama, to hunt ancestors in the court house and library.

A very good day.

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