Saturday, May 29, 2010

Away - Day Two

The Friday I was at Bren's we were up fairly early after our midnight gabfest, got ready and went to Burnsville to Furniture Fabrics and More where most pieces are $3.98 a yard. I got a sample of a lighter fabric for possible valances for the kitchen, but I don't think it will work. The store is huge with hundreds if not thousands of rolls of all sorts of materials for upholstery or drapes.

These chairs reminded me of Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Alice in Wonderland).

We stopped at the Iron and Pottery Works on the way back through Burnsville. There were also a few garden plants including two sweet cherry tomatoes which were $2.00 each. When we went to pay, the young man said, "How about a deal today - two for one?" It was fine with us!

I think our next stop was at Mama Nick's. We did so much those four days if it weren't for the pictures I made, because you know my camera is attached to my hand, I wouldn't know where we were or what we did! No, we stopped at a yard sale at the home of a frind of Aunt Ginny's where Bren and I bought two old pairs of scissors apiece (50c each) and I bought an easel the lady's husband had made for her ($10). At Mama Nick's, I changed shower curtains for her and had brought a few cleaning supplies for her. Aunt Ginny came by and we had a good visit; she picked up Mama Nick's grocery list and was on her way to the beauty shop. Well, I must have put my camera down because I actually don't have pictures of these two lovely women! Mama Nick seemed a little more tired, she said. The day before she had shampooed her hair so I'm sure that took quite a bit of energy for her. Brenda had taken her and Aunt Ginny some of the chicken and dumplings and peach cobbler and they loved it!
Pink roses from the embankment in front of Mama Nick's house. I've stuck rose cuttings all along the back fence. Probably need to try the old way in the fall - root powder (which I did use), but screw a fruit far down over them to create each stem's own little green house. Bren said it works; Aunt Ginny said Mother Ruth used to do that.

In the afternoon (I don't remember what we did for lunch, maybe we went to Bren's and ate...), we went to Pray Pottery to look around and I bought one of their crosses and a small vase. Bren got a pottery "frog" (for holding flower arrangements) all in their signature colors of sort of a dusty teal and mauve. The two sisters-in-law (Lauren and Rhonda) married brothers and have this wonderful little pottery shop where they make and fire their own potteryware. By the time we got back home we were about worn out, but stayed up again, not quite as long, but we managed to talk even though our eyelids needed toothpicks!

This trip to Iuka, to "home," has seemed much more than just a visit. One thing is that I know I can stay longer and don't have to hurry through everyone's "allotted time" to visit. We could stay and not be hurried. What a wonderful thing to be of two places. Brenda and Jim, her husband, know just about everyone in the county and a lot in the surrounding areas, so it was totally wonderful and confusing at the same time to hear stories of who married whom, where so and so was buried, how many kids this one or that one had and where they moved to...

And this was just the first full day!

Thursday I got back from Memphis in time to eat lunch at Jean's, for Charlene's birthday. Jean makes a great tomato aspic, which I'll try sometime next week. Jean's sister Billie was there for the day; also Julia, her sweet little granddaughter. Julia said her daddy taught her good manners; "he has good manners." Very sweet. She will be three on my mama's birthday, November 29. L-R - Carol, Billie, me, Jean; Charlene, seated; Julia. Our top colors all coordinated; we didn't plan this.

Paul and I went to Walmart today for Cherry Mallow dessert ingredients that Amy requested for tomorrow. (We're going for hamburgers at her house.) I had copied pictures to a thumb drive and pulled out a few prints to do at the photo center, which I did, for Edwina, a cousin in Iuka. I got to the cherry layer of the dessert and I remembered that one can wouldn't be enough so Paul went to get another can for me. I thought I'd used two in the past. While at Walmart, I got to see Tom Snider. He loves singing for the nursing home residents, he said. He and JoAnn had driven over this morning so she could visit a friend who is ill, and would go home this evening.
Me and Edwina below, my first cousin. Her mother and my dad are brother and sister. A wonderful person. Her daughter Diane passed away I think two years ago; I wrote about it here then...

It rained this afternoon, a nice slow one; Paul had set out my jasmine I bought at Vador's. The bougainvillea still needs a home, but looks very pretty on a plant stand on the patio. I didn't know it had thorns till I bought it!
Yesterday I put another smaller storage unit together (6 drawers) and it only took about fifteen minutes. It feels much better in my "office/den" and not so cluttered. Not so cluttered... Better.

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