Monday, April 26, 2010

Scenes From the Weekend

Along county road 30A, planned resort "villages," some like little European villages, some like "Main Street" mid-20th century.

Sher's art group, inspecting submissions for the juried show next month (May). They will be hung soon. (HA! Rereading this, it isn't clear who or what will be hung!)

Art group at work. They do this every Saturday. Wonderful "loft" studio with great natural light. We didn't go in time to work, but shared a light lunch.

Our feet in the sand...

Mexico Beach.
A nearly full moon last night.

Family feeding the gulls, Panama City Beach.

At Bayou Joe's, a small restaurant with access from the water. This is Harold the egret.

Near Bayou Joe's.

Sundog Book Store, Route 30A, near Watercolors Resort.

Panama City Beach sunset.


Dianne said...

Here is my email My sisters name is Vivian Fulghum. She works on the end of Thomas Drive, right where u turn to get on the bridge. I believe in facilities maintenance. U are making me sick with this pics. WISH I WERE THERE. There is no more beautiful sight than the full moon over the ocean!

Amy Hitchcock said...

Hey mommy! I think you may fall-out in shock to see a comment from me on your blog! I didn't have to work today. Taking a moment to see what you're up to. I love the new blog banner. Where are the pictures of Melanie's house? I think I've seen all the pics you've uploaded and don't remember seeing any of her or her family or home...I love you. So glad you are enjoying your retirement! You deserve it!!!!!