Friday, October 30, 2009

A Lotsa Water

Jean called this morning before I left for work to remind me to be careful. Water was standing on her carport, about one-half inch. She said it was better than 2003 (or 2004?) when it was 6 inches deep in her carport.

Paul took Oscar to Classy Pooch early and called back to tell me to be careful, that there was an accident and a lot more water on the other side of Jake Taylor Hill.

I was very careful. I drove slower and left a few minutes earlier than usual. I took my camera and made a few pictures out the window. Water wasn't over the highway any place, but it was up to road level or the tops of ditches in some places, and standing in fields.

I hope we'll have some fall foliage. A wet fall is supposed to bring beautiful colors to the trees, but I think maybe the sun has a little to do with that. It looks as if most of the leaves have fallen on our driveway.

This morning was pretty hectic after I got to work - Carolyn Hayes couldn't get out of her driveway for the water for about an hour and got to work about 9:00. I had to balance my drawer; Danielle helped me, but I had no idea what I was doing or why. I was having hot flashes by the time I finished. But it balanced! I couldn't believe it! What a wonderful sight to see all the numbers match! (I worked at a bank just out of school for about three months; that is all it took.) There are so many steps and so much to remember. I'm amazed how fast the regular cashiers are entering payments. I just hope the customers are patient with me; I tell most of them I'm learning. I didn't get a lot of scanning done; it seems as if I'm just waiting to go relieve the cashier, or just like this afternoon, another girl had to balance her drawer and I was in the drive-through almost 2 hours. I waited on more customers in that time than I did all the other 4 days this week all together.

Paul and I ate at Colby's and I heard someone say, "There's a rainbow." I never got to see the rainbow, but the sky was pink. In the west the clouds were lifting like a dark and tattered curtain, letting the clear sky shine through before. Hopefully this rainy season is over.

We went to Walmart after we ate and I saw Carol Banton and her sister Vickie. Carol used to work at Woodruff, and I remember the summer Vickie worked there as a student. Vickie has moved back to Wynne, and I told them how wonderful that was that sisters could be so near each other. Chester Williams was there in a wheelchair; Paul talked to him and he said he had six more weeks before he could put weight on his leg - the hip he broke in the accident on the way to Marion.

I watched Monk tonight, as did Sher in PCFL (Panama City, Florida) and we texted about the dog Monk was keeping. It was so neat to see him finally take one of his gloves off and lay it upon the paw of the dog who had put it on Monk's knee. Wonder if they'll find out who killed Trudy, this being the last season. Trudy's picture was on the wall over his shoulder, as if to say, it's okay - connect. Sher said this was a rerun, but I had not seen it.

My projects for tomorrow:

Go to beauty shop
Clean and organize/straighten the utility room (yet again).
Cook a pot of white beans and make cornbread
Set clock back one hour

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