Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out and About

Sunday Amy drove us to Joy's to see her and Julia, who will be two November 29. I remember that date because it's Mama's birthday. She's such a pretty and sweet little girl and her mama can't keep from stealing all kinds of sugar from her! We only meant to stay about an hour, but stayed around two. Julia was playing well and not acting sleepy, but we didn't intend to infringe on her nap time.

Monday Paul took me to my ortho doctor's appointment and all went well there - I can start walking unaided - "do away with the walker" - but I depend on my cane (Mama's) for balance. I have a way to go with flexibility but I can do the PT exercises at home. Pain is still a problem, but I have something for that. I'm sure it will be for some time. I walk a lot like Chester (Gunsmoke) or Grandpa (Real McCoys). Just takes time. It feels awkward and a little scary to walk without holding on to something.

A little at a time I've started putting things back in their proper places - daily meds, stapler, blank cards and stamps. The table in the living room has been a catch-all for all these things, not to mention the stacks beside the couch.

Saturday afternoon we were all outside (Paul, Amy and I) on the side driveway and near the swing, when Zack Lee stopped by. He was riding his bike by and saw us, decided to stop and see how I was doing! He's ten!! I thought that was just about the sweetest thing! I'm sure there are many 10-year olds who have as good manners, but to have one of the top young men in our very own neighborhood - that's just great. He was so polite and showed a great deal of maturity. His mom Beth had sent a big bag of practical and pretty things when I first broke my leg and I told him I had used everything in the bag. Beth broke her leg some time back and also has hardware, so she knew just what I needed! Amy saw Zack's dad later and told him what a nice young man he had.

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Kaye Butler said...

Good to hear you are off the walker!!!