Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Farewell to Tina Swindle

Tina has helped with housework for several years and she told us last week that for health reasons, she'd be moving out of town to live with one of her daughters. Every other Tuesday I would pick her up and for one whole afternoon and evening the house would be clean. She was so dependable and trustworthy. I'm so sorry to see her go! But - I understand she has to take care of her health and with back/shoulder pain, the type work she does is not conducive to healing. She had done so much of her own remodeling in her new home - painting and flooring - and it looked wonderful - so glad I went by to see it, though I missed her housewarming/reception. She is the type person, however, that when something must be done, although she may feel sorrow over it, she's realistic and does what she has to. We went by this evening to wish her well and get a few snapshots - I didn't have a single picture of her! She was waiting for her daughter and son-in-law to arrive to get the rental trailer, load her personal belongings and then would leave in the morning. We will miss her so much and pray for the best for her.

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